Friday, April 29, 2011
The Lost Episodes #1: The Shirley Temple
Going through my harddrive earlier today, I found some videos of just random things that have happened to me on Naruto related trips that never quite made their way to Youtube. Here is one such adventure that took place in a mystical far away land known as "Georgia" from back in January.

Warning: Might have some mild language and excessive use of the word "Like"

The Lost Episodes #1

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
"My Greatest Work Yet" or "Another Perfect Curve Preview"
So I've been somewhat lax as of late in posting previews, especially since it was supposed to be my turn about a week and a half ago. Going to NJ and then coming down with some cold like illness put a lot of things on the back burner for the moment though.

Plans for Florida SJC fell through, but rest assured, I will be attending the PA SJC along with my full CT Crew. Since this is the exact format now that will be for the SJC, a lot of testing has begun.

On top of that Resident Evil Alliance launched this weekend, and I was quick to pick up my reserved copy as well as the playmat and foil Infected Wesker from the demo kit. I introduced three people to the game using a mixture of cards from both sets, and we played Story Mode, taking out the characters that only really work in Partner Mode (Josh, Jill (BA), Hunk, etc). Needless to say, as has been the result of every time Patrick or I have introduced someone to this game, they loved it. The first few turns were a bit rough with people learning the basic mechanics, but by the end of the game, they were rolling through the combined Masion and slapping down action chains like the best of us. A word or warning though, if the Los Illuminatos Monks (Or whatever they're called), don't show up in the first half of the game, expect a scenario that the three remaining of us (one person died enough to be out of the game) ran into. We all had a stack of about 17 infected, giving the Monk +85 Health and +85 Damage, making him a 100 Health 105 Damage brute. And with everyone packing at least two Uroboros Infections in their deck (I personally had 3, yay Steve Burnside!), exploring with less than 130 damage at the minimum became a game or Die or Don't Die.

So I noticed I went off on a huge Resident Evil tangent. Pat, we should make this a Resident Evil blog. =\

I'm pretty sure that most of you didn't come here for my ramblings though, and moreso for the preview. So, here we go.

First, a bit of back story on this card.

1) There is an ERRATA for the card, which I will include under the card.

2) This card is rumored to support a future theme (as in Set 22).

3) I actually like this card.


ERRATA: When this Ninja is put in play, you can draw 1 card for each "Brush" and Ink Summon Ninja you have.

So yeah, Sai. He's a super rare, he's Turn 4. Unfortunately, he has a handcost, and his injured stats are Bad. He does have Growth, for what that is worth.

As of right now, Sai has the potential to Draw 4 when he is put in play. He counts himself with his effect, and there are the non-unique Ink Summon Ninjas from Tournament Pack 2, who pull each other into play from the discard. If you so happen to have another of this Sai next turn, you can Growth him and Draw another 4.

From what I can tell, the bad injured stats and the handcost all stem from the whole Potential Draw 4 aspect of the card, which unless supported or made more consistent, is tough to swallow still.

As I said though, I Do like this card, mostly for it's artwork, but also for the that possible draw engine come rotation. I think that is when this card will be able to be heavily considered. For the time being, Lightning is very much focused on Naruto/Jiraiya/4th Rasengan spam, or the leftover True Allies variants (which support Naruto Rasengan spam).

I'm willing to pull these in my boxes and play around with them a bit, but I'm also interested to see what else can come out of it in future sets. (Remember when in Set 18, No Hand Water was almost there, and then got broken in Set 19? Same deal.)

Tomorrow is one of my favorite characters. Until then...

-Nick (Shino'sDad)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Addressing Limited Formats
Over the weekend we received an email from a newer player. In it they asked the following 3 questions so I figured I'd post the answers here (mostly cause I don't have access to email atm and I'd like public discussion on some of this stuff).

1. Are there any rule changes for limited formats?

In the span of the game's life time there's been a few rule changes for limited:

30 Card Decks, Play to 7 Battle Rewards
40 Card Decks, Play to 7 Battle Rewards
40 Card Decks, Play to 10 Battle Rewards

All variants allow you to play as many copies of a named card as you like (i.e. You may play 5 Naruto Uzumaki if you have them).

I'd always shoot for the last one if at all possible. This was the "original" format of the game before it switched to a 50 card deck.

2. How many packs do you get for limited play? What packs are best for limited play?
Usually it is 6 packs to make a 40 card deck for limited play. Sealed is usually a starter deck and 2~4 packs. For sealed packs, any set works although some are better than others (Will of Fire for example), but if you are going for Draft I strongly recommend Tournament Pack 1 or 2 combined with Will of Fire (as TP1 or 2 has lots of Ninjas and a few jutsu but no missions while Will of Fire has lots of generic cost Jutsu and dual colored playable Missions).

I'm curious to see what other community members think are the best packs/rules for limited play.

3. Is there a Two Headed Giant Format for Naruto?

No. But I would love if someone would make a rule set for one. The only other alternative formats to Block that I know of are Unlimited, Class Room Exercises, Draft, Sealed, EDH, and just regular Highlander.

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Friday, April 15, 2011
Tstuff Tsu Thinks (4/15/11)
Back to using the ol' blog as a scratch pad for ideas that I've got floating around in my head:

-Wind week was pretty much garbage outside of that combo deck only Jutsu and The Third Kazekage. I still feel that Wind's current power level is fine and that everyone should rise to this level of power. There's no reason to nerf or restrict anything in Wind.

-Tylar has done an impeccable job thus far on Set 21. When he said "Set 21 is the culmination of all the things I've learned these past few sets" he was not kidding. I haven't been really disappointed in any of the cards shown from his elements (Fire and Lightning) yet except for the Jiraiya...and even then the only gripe that I (as well as Andrew) have is that he lacks Senjutsu.

-The more I play this game, the more I realize I hate Mastery. It really is a silly mechanic and I hope Bandai moves away from this mechanic and only puts it on like 7+ drops in the future or just phases it out completely.

-Going to cube later with Nick and the rest of the Connecticut guys. I really hope that Nick changed his Cube around because in all honesty, it's been terribad the last 3 times I've used it. He assured me that not only are the quality of the cards better, but every card is in foil now. I just hope it's not the most expensive pile of crap I've ever had the displeasure of shuffling.

-I'm debating going to the SJC in California with Andrew only because it kills several birds in one stone: I want to go to the west coast, I want to meet up with several west coast MMORPG/Fighting Game friends, I want to hang out with Alpers/Amir/Josh actually outside of a card game setting for once, etc.

-I haven't been updating much because I'm trying to take Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as my main "hobby"/"tournament game" over Naruto. I have the rare pleasure of having one of the best players in the country live 15 minutes from my house and I'm hoping with his tutelage, I can be successful at the game which in turn will lead to traveling and meeting new people and trying new things.

-Resident Evil Alliance drops next weekend. Everyone should go buy it as it's not only a fantastic game, but Tylar is a fantastic designer and deserves another repeat sell out. I fully support the league play coming in June and I hope we can cover it as a side game on this blog. I'm hoping for a big event at GenCon for RE, as I've probably spent more time devising strategies for that game than I have for this one. Again, sorry Naruto players!

-Bought 2 Sasori tins the other day just to get the broken Deidaras and try to pull some pumps and Asumas as I don't yet have a set of my own for those yet. Just anything but Monzaemon Chikamatsu would have been fine. Pack 1 for both tins: 0/10, 0/5 Puppet. Throw tins out the car.

-I still stand by my statement that Stephen Garrett and Team Chicago are the classiest (and funniest) players in the game. See you guys at GenCon.

-I admittedly was a terrible "King of Gencon" last year. To rectify this I request but one event for the 21+ crowd this year: Drinks at a bar. Strip club optional. Professional? Hell no. But this is the only time all of us from the country get together so we might as well do it big, or go home.

-On a Professional note, I'm hoping to borrow the Bloggie from my father (complete with Tripod) for this year's GenCon to get some feature matches and adventures. Complete with my new phone and tethering capabilities, I'll be able to upload videos on the go from anywhere...even the car ride to GenCon this year. Should be really fun...keep an eye out for it in August. If the California trip happens, you can bet that you'll get uploads from that trip too. Our coverage of last years GenCon wasn't particularly amazing however this year I wish to go all out and blow the doors of what you guys expect from this event coverage.

-People have asked me about the return of the eventual live stream. I will have to see what is and isn't possible in my financial budget. I would very much like to stream GenCon this year, even for cubing and the like.

-I need a new signature. Probably something with Tifa Lockhart on it <3

And that's all I got for now

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Holy S*** Andrew is posting something

I know, I'm as amazed as you are. I want to say "Hey guise, I'm totally back fo'reelz", but to tell you the truth it will probably be awhile before I actually post something else on the site. It's not that I'm too swamped with work (Though I do have alot of work I need to do), or that I'm too lazy (Though I am incredibly lazy), the main reason is that I just don't have anything I really want to write about. Actually, that's a lie. I want to write about how the community is killing the game, and making it so the people who spend their time trying to help the game grow want to shoot themselves in the face.

90% of the conversations I have with Pat and Tylar are about all the complaining on the boards. It's gotten to the point where every card previewed falls into one of two catagories: 1. "OMG BANDAI IS SO STUPID, THIS CARD IS BROKEN" or 2. "THIS CARD IS TERRIBLE KILL YOURSELF TYLAR". I'm not even exadurating, go read the preview threads if you don't believe me. It's gotten so bad that Tylar doesn't even check the preview threads most of the time, because he's so tired of everyone jumping to conclusions and complaining about every single card.

If the thread is clearly a number 1 thread, then it will basically end up a 10 page thread discussing how bandai can't seem to print "Fair" (I question if people actually understand what this word means) cards, 4+ card combos that make this card sooo broken, how we can errata this card to be "Fair", why bandai seems to only print broken cards in element X but not Y, and when it will be banned. I initially wrote out a bunch of user names, but decided that it would probably be in bad taste to point fingers, and also because it's very obvious who does it the most anyway. It's not terrible to occasionally over react to a card effect, as we have all done it before (InbeforeQFPstarterhokages), but when you starting calling pretty much every playable card broken, because it has synergy with several other cards in the format, thats when it's too much.

Now with the second type of thread, namely fire related threads, you have people simply looking to complain about how everything in life isn't the way they want it to be. Yes, I'm calling out every one of you who complained about fire getting mill support and the new -1/-1 coin theme,because you wanted a "Uchiha theme". I'm sorry your favorite element isn't based on mass draw and effecient removal, with tons of utility Ninja effects, but you have to move the f*** on, and get over it. For the people who complain that the cards suck and that Tylar is terrible at design; you are awful. I don't care wether you have "designed" tons of games with your friends, or if you can pull a rabit out of your ass; you obviously have no understanding on what a good card is. Fire recieved a ton of playable, and even AMAZINGLY good cards this set. Sure there were some mediocre as hell cards, but EVERY element gets mediocre cards, because designers try out new mechanics, and make weaker variants of cards at lower rarities to help players who don't spend alot to play the themes casually.

So now that we have identified the problem (Everyone being awful), what can you do to fix it? The answer, believe it or not, is to think before you post. When you are about to post how this latest preview is broken because of a 4 card combo that does anything short of win you the game outright, before even typing "Really Bandai? Really?" think to yourself "Maybe I should give bandai the benefit of the doubt and assume that my made up combo is actually pretty bad justification for a card being unbalanced. Why else do I believe this card is unfair for the environment?" From that you should come to one of two conclusions:

1. You might be wrong, as outside of this crazy scenario in which everything is perfect these cards aren't so great- In this case don't post what you initially wrote out. Instead post about the combo you figured out in the thread, and with the other posters that are interested, come up with ways to make it more consistent.

2. The cards alone feel too powerful for the format for a number of reasons that are comparable to previously restricted or banned cards- In this case just post why you feel the card is unbalanced, but accept the possibility that you could be wrong, and try to steer clear of blaming Bandai, calling Bandai/Andy stupid, begging for people to be fired, and complaining.

So now that I have ranted about how awful you all are, heres a Panda. Also, inbeforeyoumad.jpg

Tsu Edit: Yes, that is a real preview card

-Andrew Photobucket

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Perfect Curve Previews #2.5 (Cuz Kirin was totally legit)... Except that Andrew Kardis trolled me.

Hey loyal readers, I would have posted TWO previews for you tonight, but one Mr. Andrew Kardis is being a cock smuggler and did not send me the email with the cards attached.

Instead, you will be pleasured with my now endless ranting and raving.

So what has Mr. Nick Botchis (Aka Shino'sDad) been up to? Well, aside from trolling Naruto in the newest chapter of, Naruto, I have been playing Pokemon White a lot and also testing decks for the upcoming Chunin at ATF in New Jersey. More importantly, I am smoothing out the last bit of planning for my trip to Flordia for the SJC at Fort Minor, I mean Fort Myers (omg lol ur not funny Shino'sDad). I will be accompanied by a rather exotic crew of players from New England, as compared to my normal CT Crew. Expect to see the likes of Joe Colon and possibly Eric Melone kicking it in the backseat of my car (But which seat should I take?!).

So until tomorrow when I actually have the damned cards to preview, I will drop a hint for you all. He may not be Picaso, but he has a solid foundation at least. And then another card too.


[Insert Sig Pic Here]

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Friday, April 1, 2011
Set 21 Preview #2: You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind!
So in typical "The Perfect Curve" fashion, things happen later than expected. The Akatsuki article went up a whole day later than expected. In fact, I think it's taken us a lot longer than usual to update the blog and for that I apologize. I'm working, Josh is working, Andrew is in college, and I don't even know what Nick does with his spare time.

With that being said, our second preview was supposed to go up last night, just in time for Susano'o's big unveiling today. Unfortunately, Andrew had to study for a few quizzes (one he took earlier this morning) and one he's taking right now. So that leaves either Josh (busy with work), Nick (not answering his phone) or myself to do it.


When talking to Tylar yesterday after seeing the Itachi, the subject of what Susano'o would do came into question:

[3/31/2011 1:04:02 PM] Tylar Allinder: previews r up
[3/31/2011 1:04:31 PM] Patrick O'Neill: HA!
[3/31/2011 1:04:32 PM] Patrick O'Neill: I CALLED IT
[3/31/2011 1:04:38 PM] Patrick O'Neill: IT'S A REIINFORCEMENT
[3/31/2011 1:04:40 PM] Patrick O'Neill: ANDREW LOSES
[3/31/2011 1:04:42 PM] Patrick O'Neill: I WIN THE BET
[3/31/2011 1:06:30 PM] Patrick O'Neill: GOOD CARDS
[3/31/2011 1:06:37 PM] Patrick O'Neill: I don't like that Itachi is EOJ
[3/31/2011 1:06:46 PM] Patrick O'Neill: Unless Susano'o has like stupid good put in play effect
[3/31/2011 1:06:53 PM] Tylar Allinder: he has to be
[3/31/2011 1:07:00 PM] Tylar Allinder: otherwise, how does it counter Kirin
[3/31/2011 1:07:01 PM] Tylar Allinder: lol
[3/31/2011 1:07:11 PM] Patrick O'Neill: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Knowing our one of our other preview cards it makes a lot of sense.


Now I know what you're thinking, that card is REALLY good. But Susano'o + Itachi is meant to allow you to stand up to the punishment that Kirin delivers. Itachi is one of the few effects in the game that is able to be chained to the effect. Susano'o, as you notice, doesn't put itself into play in a Ninja's team, meaning it isn't present on the battlefield. That means that the Set 21 Itachi is completely unaffected by Kirin, and Susano'o's ability to not allow you to lose by Battle Rewards gives you a chance to build up your field. Considering the steep cost of RFGing the discard and having to discard so many cards, the odds your opponent can use another shot are slim.

The only hangup I have with the card is that it draws 3 cards for seemingly no reason. There is only 1 playable turn 5 Sasuke in format, so I guess a 0 cost single user Jutsu that only draws 3 seems fair, but it seems like insult to injury on top of what is already a Chidori Stream-esque ability. I know Chris Kovaz had a preview of some either promo or Set 21 Sasuke on his facebook earlier but I can't find it (otherwise I'd link it). It wasn't as good as Eyes of the Serpent and I hope that it was the Set 21 Sasuke because if any turn 5 Sasuke gets printed that's better than Eyes of the Serpent, we're all in trouble.

I guess we all had it coming though. A 0 cost, land mark jutsu like Kirin was destined to be either almost broken or terrible. I kinda wish it was the later rather than the former


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I'm not back, feel free to bow down anyways

lol gg


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