Saturday, May 28, 2011
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Winner: Anthony Hernandez - No hand water

Top 8
Gus Orozco
Ryan Severin
Joe Venuto
Alex Miller
Big Boy
Anthony Hernandez

Top 4
Ryan Severin
Anthony Hernandez

Top 2
Ryan Severin (True Allies)
Hernandez (No Hand Water)

TsuKiyoMe 2-2 (Lost to Brad, mulling and missing 4 drops game 3. Lost to Hydro Pump mastery in time over) DROP
Zero 1-2-1 DROP
Squee 3-1-1 (Lost to Jealousy)
Brad 4-0
Elric 0-2 DROP
Saul 3-1 (Lost to Big Boy)
Joe (GMChaos121) 3-1
Shino's Dad 2-2 DROP
Thayli 2-2 DROP
Deets 3-1
Zorc 0-3 DROP
Nick Brady 1-3 DROP
Big Boy 2-1-1
loliamamassivesackGenre 3-0-1
Eisenbud 2-2
Sasuke of the Desert 2-2

Monday, May 23, 2011
Now That Set 21 Is Out, Your Thoughts?
Title says it all. Just trying to stir up a friendly conversation via the comments section, so don't be afraid to let us know. I personally have been very busy with the PA Shonen Jump so I haven't purchased or had the time to actually play with any of the new cards.

That being said. . .

How do you guys feel Bandai did with Set 21?

Which elements do you feel will be the strongest? Weakest?

Favorite surprises from the set?

Any cards you felt where really under powered or over powered this set?

Let us know in the comments below.


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Saturday, May 14, 2011
The Perfect Curve's Set 21 "Shattered Truth" Final Preview- Infinite Embrace

So, People are starting to get their boxes (Yay for stores NEVER following the street dates) so I'm posting up our last, and possibly best preview card from "Shattered Truth":

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Personally, I think this card is awesome. Not only do I think this card is a completely fair and good removal option (Something Bandai has often struggled to achieve), I think that it is very flavorful with the colors its part of. The fact that it can either remove a ninja permanently OR remove a ninja temporarily and then replace itself makes either of the modes of the card great, despite the fact that you don't get to pick. Hopefully this card will give wind the umph it needs to get back into the competative scene after having their best offesnive option ripped away from them on the most recent rogue list. Until next time.

-Andrew Photobucket

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Let's Talk About Water...
So I've been rattling this deck list around in my head for a couple days and felt I needed to throw it down in words. Tell me what you all think.

Ninjas: 22

4 - 3 - 4 : Oshawott - Dewott - Samurott (Ability: Shell Armor)

4 - 3 - 4: Totodile - Croconaw - Feraligatr (Prime)

2 Uxie

2 Sableye

Missions: 22

3 Rare Candy

4 Interviewer's Questions

4 Pokemon Communication

3 Bebe's Search

2 Scott

2 Professor Juniper

2 Expert Belt

2 Twins

Jutsu: 16

16 Water Energy

Basically, the main point of the deck is to get Your Feraligatr online as soon as possible and just dump energy onto Samurott, who does a base of 100 damage with Hydro Pump, not including any pluses from more than 3 Water Energy or an Expert Belt attached. I originally ran 3 - 2 Lilipup and Herdier as a draw engine, but I realized that it was eating up my first two turns of energy and I risked Lilipup or Herdier dying to a solid hit from those damn Fighting Ninjas.

Oh, here's a preview too.

Basic Turn 2 Suigetsu stats, with a valid ability based on how much chakra you have accumulated. He doesn't really compare to the No Hand or Discard versions of Suigetsu, who are both excellent in their respective deck types. For now, he's gonna be on the bench.

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Friday, May 6, 2011
Storm Raven Shinon #1 most influential Naruto player

Bad kid best known for making incomprehensibly moronic whine threads is apparently Bandai's best source of advice, who's mad?



Monday, May 2, 2011
Rogue List Suggestions
In hopes that Bandai throws up a new rogue list in the next week so PA won't befall the same terrible fate that FL did (Plagued with Pumps), here's a quick few suggestions:

Chidori Stream => 0
I played this deck for fun at a Chunin. It's too consistent and board wipes too easily. You can guarantee it on turn 4 every game, while you keep 2 other Ninja with Sasuke. There is no coming back from that.

Comparative Strengths => 1
No cost. Shuts off too much stuff. Back to Back Comp Strengths is a blow out and the second most frustrating thing in the game. (Back to Back to Back Comp Strengths is the first, and yes, I've had it happen to me many times in tournament).

Naruto Uzumaki [Reliance] => 0
Kabuto @ 0 and this guy @ 1, even though this guy has better stats and pumps your whole board?

Hydro Pump => 0
15 in top cut. Played in every color, even though it is a Wind Jutsu.

Training in the Moonlight => 1
Randoms out people far too easily. Does too much for simply 1 card.

Deidara (Set 20 Tin) => 0
Has yet to prove his worth but he's Chidori Stream. You can't ban Stream and not ban this guy as he's essentially a better Chidori Stream. Do the right thing.

Cards That Stay As Is:

Kakashi Hatake [True Allies] - TA is fine @ 1. Any more, and you're going to see TA swarm again.

Yamato [Control by Fear] - The card still has no good Jutsu to mastery. Crap stats. The format is fast enough that he doesn't even come down half the time. I still don't know why people see this card as a problem. @ 3, sure. With Sealing the Evil, definitely. Without either of those 2 factors? Nah.

Baki [Able Brained] - The second most overrated card I feel in the game's history, with Fear by Genjutsu being the first. He's good and locks up games, but really he's not any more potent that Freezing Eyes, a card that's at 3. He's fine @ 1... honestly if Hiruko didn't have "Name: Sasori", this guy might not even make it into wind decks. Did I mention his stats are awful?



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