Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Holy S*** Andrew is posting something

I know, I'm as amazed as you are. I want to say "Hey guise, I'm totally back fo'reelz", but to tell you the truth it will probably be awhile before I actually post something else on the site. It's not that I'm too swamped with work (Though I do have alot of work I need to do), or that I'm too lazy (Though I am incredibly lazy), the main reason is that I just don't have anything I really want to write about. Actually, that's a lie. I want to write about how the community is killing the game, and making it so the people who spend their time trying to help the game grow want to shoot themselves in the face.

90% of the conversations I have with Pat and Tylar are about all the complaining on the boards. It's gotten to the point where every card previewed falls into one of two catagories: 1. "OMG BANDAI IS SO STUPID, THIS CARD IS BROKEN" or 2. "THIS CARD IS TERRIBLE KILL YOURSELF TYLAR". I'm not even exadurating, go read the preview threads if you don't believe me. It's gotten so bad that Tylar doesn't even check the preview threads most of the time, because he's so tired of everyone jumping to conclusions and complaining about every single card.

If the thread is clearly a number 1 thread, then it will basically end up a 10 page thread discussing how bandai can't seem to print "Fair" (I question if people actually understand what this word means) cards, 4+ card combos that make this card sooo broken, how we can errata this card to be "Fair", why bandai seems to only print broken cards in element X but not Y, and when it will be banned. I initially wrote out a bunch of user names, but decided that it would probably be in bad taste to point fingers, and also because it's very obvious who does it the most anyway. It's not terrible to occasionally over react to a card effect, as we have all done it before (InbeforeQFPstarterhokages), but when you starting calling pretty much every playable card broken, because it has synergy with several other cards in the format, thats when it's too much.

Now with the second type of thread, namely fire related threads, you have people simply looking to complain about how everything in life isn't the way they want it to be. Yes, I'm calling out every one of you who complained about fire getting mill support and the new -1/-1 coin theme,because you wanted a "Uchiha theme". I'm sorry your favorite element isn't based on mass draw and effecient removal, with tons of utility Ninja effects, but you have to move the f*** on, and get over it. For the people who complain that the cards suck and that Tylar is terrible at design; you are awful. I don't care wether you have "designed" tons of games with your friends, or if you can pull a rabit out of your ass; you obviously have no understanding on what a good card is. Fire recieved a ton of playable, and even AMAZINGLY good cards this set. Sure there were some mediocre as hell cards, but EVERY element gets mediocre cards, because designers try out new mechanics, and make weaker variants of cards at lower rarities to help players who don't spend alot to play the themes casually.

So now that we have identified the problem (Everyone being awful), what can you do to fix it? The answer, believe it or not, is to think before you post. When you are about to post how this latest preview is broken because of a 4 card combo that does anything short of win you the game outright, before even typing "Really Bandai? Really?" think to yourself "Maybe I should give bandai the benefit of the doubt and assume that my made up combo is actually pretty bad justification for a card being unbalanced. Why else do I believe this card is unfair for the environment?" From that you should come to one of two conclusions:

1. You might be wrong, as outside of this crazy scenario in which everything is perfect these cards aren't so great- In this case don't post what you initially wrote out. Instead post about the combo you figured out in the thread, and with the other posters that are interested, come up with ways to make it more consistent.

2. The cards alone feel too powerful for the format for a number of reasons that are comparable to previously restricted or banned cards- In this case just post why you feel the card is unbalanced, but accept the possibility that you could be wrong, and try to steer clear of blaming Bandai, calling Bandai/Andy stupid, begging for people to be fired, and complaining.

So now that I have ranted about how awful you all are, heres a Panda. Also, inbeforeyoumad.jpg

Tsu Edit: Yes, that is a real preview card

-Andrew Photobucket

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Blogger Joseph said...
Pretty much why I don't bother posting on bandai anymore.

I like the panda. Seems like good stats and affordable protection from some major jutsus.


Blogger WizKid said...
Good card. And I agree completely Andrew.

Another thing people need to do before they post is:

If you don't think the cards are good. Say so. Period. If you like it. Say you like it. Nothing more if you don't have anything intelligent to say. I may not have liked every fire card previewed, but that never stopped me from realizing how playable each and every card was. (Besides the mission, I am actually mad about the make out mission, I just feel more could be done with the make out line of cards) but maybe the future will help.

Blogger draygon756 said...
Totally dig the rant. I agree with pretty much, just about everything you said, lol.

Panda's cool. If multiple Void Ninjas take a hit at once, does he soak ALL of that up with 1 hit?

If a Void Ninja takes 5 Damage (aka Radiant Energy), he does take it all with only 1 damage? Spicy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You spelled exaggerating wrong again :\

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This game wanna rocks! I just started up along with two of my other friends. We're trying to get more of our friends obsessed with it as well! None of us think the game is broken and I love reading this blog. (I refresh it everyday even though I just found it a week ago!) And I totally agree with what you've said. Think before you post.

And really, the game makers are doing a great job. QQ about broken cards all you want, I think there are counters to most of the complaints thrown around the forums.

Blogger Craig said...
Shippuden Gamer here, glad to know I'm not one of those many forum goers you described, and I completely agree, no one knows the meaning of 'broken' and 'balanced' anymore...kinda why I quit this game (I still pay attention though) involves the community

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