Friday, April 15, 2011
Tstuff Tsu Thinks (4/15/11)
Back to using the ol' blog as a scratch pad for ideas that I've got floating around in my head:

-Wind week was pretty much garbage outside of that combo deck only Jutsu and The Third Kazekage. I still feel that Wind's current power level is fine and that everyone should rise to this level of power. There's no reason to nerf or restrict anything in Wind.

-Tylar has done an impeccable job thus far on Set 21. When he said "Set 21 is the culmination of all the things I've learned these past few sets" he was not kidding. I haven't been really disappointed in any of the cards shown from his elements (Fire and Lightning) yet except for the Jiraiya...and even then the only gripe that I (as well as Andrew) have is that he lacks Senjutsu.

-The more I play this game, the more I realize I hate Mastery. It really is a silly mechanic and I hope Bandai moves away from this mechanic and only puts it on like 7+ drops in the future or just phases it out completely.

-Going to cube later with Nick and the rest of the Connecticut guys. I really hope that Nick changed his Cube around because in all honesty, it's been terribad the last 3 times I've used it. He assured me that not only are the quality of the cards better, but every card is in foil now. I just hope it's not the most expensive pile of crap I've ever had the displeasure of shuffling.

-I'm debating going to the SJC in California with Andrew only because it kills several birds in one stone: I want to go to the west coast, I want to meet up with several west coast MMORPG/Fighting Game friends, I want to hang out with Alpers/Amir/Josh actually outside of a card game setting for once, etc.

-I haven't been updating much because I'm trying to take Marvel Vs Capcom 3 as my main "hobby"/"tournament game" over Naruto. I have the rare pleasure of having one of the best players in the country live 15 minutes from my house and I'm hoping with his tutelage, I can be successful at the game which in turn will lead to traveling and meeting new people and trying new things.

-Resident Evil Alliance drops next weekend. Everyone should go buy it as it's not only a fantastic game, but Tylar is a fantastic designer and deserves another repeat sell out. I fully support the league play coming in June and I hope we can cover it as a side game on this blog. I'm hoping for a big event at GenCon for RE, as I've probably spent more time devising strategies for that game than I have for this one. Again, sorry Naruto players!

-Bought 2 Sasori tins the other day just to get the broken Deidaras and try to pull some pumps and Asumas as I don't yet have a set of my own for those yet. Just anything but Monzaemon Chikamatsu would have been fine. Pack 1 for both tins: 0/10, 0/5 Puppet. Throw tins out the car.

-I still stand by my statement that Stephen Garrett and Team Chicago are the classiest (and funniest) players in the game. See you guys at GenCon.

-I admittedly was a terrible "King of Gencon" last year. To rectify this I request but one event for the 21+ crowd this year: Drinks at a bar. Strip club optional. Professional? Hell no. But this is the only time all of us from the country get together so we might as well do it big, or go home.

-On a Professional note, I'm hoping to borrow the Bloggie from my father (complete with Tripod) for this year's GenCon to get some feature matches and adventures. Complete with my new phone and tethering capabilities, I'll be able to upload videos on the go from anywhere...even the car ride to GenCon this year. Should be really fun...keep an eye out for it in August. If the California trip happens, you can bet that you'll get uploads from that trip too. Our coverage of last years GenCon wasn't particularly amazing however this year I wish to go all out and blow the doors of what you guys expect from this event coverage.

-People have asked me about the return of the eventual live stream. I will have to see what is and isn't possible in my financial budget. I would very much like to stream GenCon this year, even for cubing and the like.

-I need a new signature. Probably something with Tifa Lockhart on it <3

And that's all I got for now

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Blogger Brandon said...
What system ya got MvC3 on Tsu? Just curious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looking forward to GenCon this year hopefully I have enough money for everything I'd hate to go there and not come back with any thing to remember the trip by.

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