Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Addressing Limited Formats
Over the weekend we received an email from a newer player. In it they asked the following 3 questions so I figured I'd post the answers here (mostly cause I don't have access to email atm and I'd like public discussion on some of this stuff).

1. Are there any rule changes for limited formats?

In the span of the game's life time there's been a few rule changes for limited:

30 Card Decks, Play to 7 Battle Rewards
40 Card Decks, Play to 7 Battle Rewards
40 Card Decks, Play to 10 Battle Rewards

All variants allow you to play as many copies of a named card as you like (i.e. You may play 5 Naruto Uzumaki if you have them).

I'd always shoot for the last one if at all possible. This was the "original" format of the game before it switched to a 50 card deck.

2. How many packs do you get for limited play? What packs are best for limited play?
Usually it is 6 packs to make a 40 card deck for limited play. Sealed is usually a starter deck and 2~4 packs. For sealed packs, any set works although some are better than others (Will of Fire for example), but if you are going for Draft I strongly recommend Tournament Pack 1 or 2 combined with Will of Fire (as TP1 or 2 has lots of Ninjas and a few jutsu but no missions while Will of Fire has lots of generic cost Jutsu and dual colored playable Missions).

I'm curious to see what other community members think are the best packs/rules for limited play.

3. Is there a Two Headed Giant Format for Naruto?

No. But I would love if someone would make a rule set for one. The only other alternative formats to Block that I know of are Unlimited, Class Room Exercises, Draft, Sealed, EDH, and just regular Highlander.

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Blogger Tommi said...
Way to go! Finally got some information about drafting. At first glance I thought Naruto would be fantastic game to draft but after surfing over internet people have found it awkward to draft. I am going to get some booster boxes and will force my friends to draft in some point. I wonder what to do with older sets where I am going to get for example 2 the chosen boxes...

Btw, I was the one who sent those questions. Thanks a lot! Great work!

Blogger Zero said...
Newer sets are better for drafting, as the newer sets come with actual curves and cards that compliment other cards in the set. Older sets (Prior to set 11) contain few low drops, and lots of user specific jutsus and awkward missions. Hope this helps.

Blogger Tommi said...
Thanks for your additional information!

EDH really seems to be bread&butter format for this game at first since it hasn't been created for drafting and even block seems to be little bit unbalanced and maybe boring. This is all said without any experience but my target is now in EDH.

My friend commented, and was strictly against, classes of Naruto characters like how Naruto can be Lightning based because he is clearly Wind based ninja. This is kinda silly. Have you wrote about this in your blog?

Blogger Zero said...
The naruto card game was made long before they introduced Naruto's element as Wind. Changing his symbol after spending so long developing the element to favor Naruto really doesn't make sense, so Bandai just tacked on the wind symbol to him.

It makes alot of sense when you think about it from a design perspective.

Blogger Tommi said...
I see the big picture now. What a great game this is. Probably Naruto cards will get some wind mechanics too when sets go on and cards will be adjusted toward storyline as far as it's possible (there are actually some light wind theme in Naruto character in ccg already). Unfortunately the game is not played in Finland at all. That's why I am actually planning to do an epic crusade to Gencon this year. Would be a lot of fun. I checked hotels last night and they seem to be pretty hard to get from the area.

Blogger Tommi said...
We played today 4xTP2 and 4xTales 6 men draft and it was very enjoyable event after all even we opened too many boosters especially TP2. I am going to have Will of Fire and another TP2 boxes soon and I look forward with great excitement because WoF might be better set for drafting than tales with void mechanics. Well, the old sets were horrible!

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