Monday, October 31, 2011
The Perfect Curve Set 23 Preview #2 - The Girl (My Girl)

Oh, hello there.

Baby, I think this could be the start of something lovely. And I don't just mean you.

These really are the types of cards I love building around the most - robust, open-ended, tantalizingly beautiful engines just waiting to have all their juicy depths explored and achingly abused and...

Er, sorry. Got carried away there for a moment.

But in all seriousness, this Temari is just begging for a deck to be built around her. Or begging for ahueuhuehuaeuthaeuheuhue...



The first second third fourth fifth sixth thing that came to mind when I saw this card was the deliciously naughty ummm... non-optional effect. Yes, non-optional effect, that's the one.

You mean I can play a card that turns all my jutsus into draw cards?! I love cards! Especially ones that let me draw more and more lovely Temaris!

The kicker, of course, being that all my jutsus have to be negation or do something involving jutsus. This is also, of course, assuming that Bandai erratas all cards that say "Target: 1 jutsu being played" to "Target: 1 jutsu" or rules that only the words "1 jutsu" need to be in the target - otherwise this card is just a tease.

Going into the wayback machine, some of you might remember a Sannin-winning deck nicknamed "Greedy.dec." The point of that deck was to generate massive teams to force the opponent into first action, and massive card advantage to draw the relatively sparse protection present in the deck. But what if... all your protection birthed card advantage for you? Then it wouldn't even be necessary to play so many missions to lube the engine...

Being away from the game for so long has led me to not know what any of the cards in the current block format do, but I've got so many dirty ideas about what to do to with this Temari.

Perhaps a Neo-Greedy.dec using the new puppets, but with a lot more jutsus. Or perhaps...

Yo dawg, I heard you like drawing cards so I put card draw into your card draw so you can... I don't even know how this meme goes. Probably ends with a ferocious punch to the nuts though. (Ferocious Punch with a Temari trigger seems unreal good, in any case)

Or you could play that new X cost Void jutsu and Temari turns it into a Tobi.
Or you could just play this Temari as your 2 drop and then randomly gain value from it as you proceed with your normal plan.
So many different positions are possible... this card is practically squirting with potential.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a mess to go clean up.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011
The Perfect Curve Set 23 Preview #1 - Getting the Girl
You know sometimes I empathize a lot with Naruto. Growing up I'm sure many of you had that moment in middle school or high school where there was that one girl you liked. And you'd kill for just a moment to be alone with them and talk to them. But they never notice you, mostly cause they're too busy paying attention to some jackass.


You're so sure though if you were just given the chance, you'd be able to impress her. Yeah.

For me, it was 7th grade Math class. I got partnered up with the girl in question.

How the story played out in my head:

"Oh you can't answer number 4? That's easy! You solve it like this! And this! Simple huh?"

"Wow you're so smart! Thanks a lot!"

"We should totally study together after school and hang out all the time!"

"But what about so & so?"

"You don't need him! I'm super awesome!"

*girl clings to my arm as I fist pump in the air*

How it actually went down

"Do you need help?"

"No I've got it."

*awkward silence*

*Try to start a conversation*

*Gets ignored*

This was a disaster.

Basically...that's the thought process going through my head when I saw our first preview card:

Naruto plays this card, randomly gets paired up against Sasuke, pwns his face. He fist pumps into the air as "Eye of the Tiger" starts playing, as Sakura comes rushing to him.

"Nayrootoe! You sure showed Saucekay! You're the best! Can I be your girlfriend?"

The village loves him.

He becomes Hokage.

The end.



Or he randomly runs into like a turn 5 Sasuke [Eyes of the Serpent], gets blown out, and loses the game. And he totally doesn't get the girl cause he's so uncool.

I just want someone to play this in top cut at an SJC/Kage/GenCon and win a game off of it.

Hope you guys have your d20s ready...randomization is gonna be hilarious in stand off games.

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Monday, October 17, 2011
Set 23 Previews Confirmed!
We'll have 4 brand new previews for you guys in the coming weeks leading up to the release of "Set 23: Invasion."

I'm really curious to see how you guys feel about them as I personally feel all of them are pretty good.

Our first preview will be up by the end of the week.


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Friday, October 7, 2011
Naruto CCG: Serious Threat to National Security?
[10:39:58 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: i just had an epic derp moment from airport security
[10:40:20 AM] Patrick O'Neill: ?
[10:40:29 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: they stop me becuase my bag didnt go through properly
[10:40:34 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: then open it up
[10:40:43 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: and take out my naruto deck for further inspection
[10:40:47 AM] Patrick O'Neill: LMAO
[10:40:48 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: apparently it set off security
[10:40:49 AM] Patrick O'Neill: ROFL
[10:41:04 AM] Patrick O'Neill: GG Naruto deck
[10:41:05 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: yea i was laughing my ass off the whole time
[10:41:20 AM] Patrick O'Neill: Naruto cahds, srs bizness
[10:41:30 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: my yugioh deck made it through security just fine
[10:41:42 AM] Patrick O'Neill: Figures...
[10:41:50 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: yea i would have expected the other way around
[10:42:12 AM] Patrick O'Neill: Probably cause you didn't have an Egyptian God Card.
[10:42:18 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: yea

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