Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Perfect Curve Previews #2.5 (Cuz Kirin was totally legit)... Except that Andrew Kardis trolled me.

Hey loyal readers, I would have posted TWO previews for you tonight, but one Mr. Andrew Kardis is being a cock smuggler and did not send me the email with the cards attached.

Instead, you will be pleasured with my now endless ranting and raving.

So what has Mr. Nick Botchis (Aka Shino'sDad) been up to? Well, aside from trolling Naruto in the newest chapter of, Naruto, I have been playing Pokemon White a lot and also testing decks for the upcoming Chunin at ATF in New Jersey. More importantly, I am smoothing out the last bit of planning for my trip to Flordia for the SJC at Fort Minor, I mean Fort Myers (omg lol ur not funny Shino'sDad). I will be accompanied by a rather exotic crew of players from New England, as compared to my normal CT Crew. Expect to see the likes of Joe Colon and possibly Eric Melone kicking it in the backseat of my car (But which seat should I take?!).

So until tomorrow when I actually have the damned cards to preview, I will drop a hint for you all. He may not be Picaso, but he has a solid foundation at least. And then another card too.


[Insert Sig Pic Here]

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Blogger Ross134 said...
I'd like to point out to you, that he did say to you that Pat was supposed to give you the previews, because Andrew's computer died.

Blogger Zero said...
So, Pat, Tylar, and myself all called and messaged you trying to get your email (Or get you on skype) so we could give you the damn previews -_-

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