Saturday, May 28, 2011
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Winner: Anthony Hernandez - No hand water

Top 8
Gus Orozco
Ryan Severin
Joe Venuto
Alex Miller
Big Boy
Anthony Hernandez

Top 4
Ryan Severin
Anthony Hernandez

Top 2
Ryan Severin (True Allies)
Hernandez (No Hand Water)

TsuKiyoMe 2-2 (Lost to Brad, mulling and missing 4 drops game 3. Lost to Hydro Pump mastery in time over) DROP
Zero 1-2-1 DROP
Squee 3-1-1 (Lost to Jealousy)
Brad 4-0
Elric 0-2 DROP
Saul 3-1 (Lost to Big Boy)
Joe (GMChaos121) 3-1
Shino's Dad 2-2 DROP
Thayli 2-2 DROP
Deets 3-1
Zorc 0-3 DROP
Nick Brady 1-3 DROP
Big Boy 2-1-1
loliamamassivesackGenre 3-0-1
Eisenbud 2-2
Sasuke of the Desert 2-2

Blogger Angel said...
Good sht Ryan and Saul

Blogger remainsofomega said...
That kage is a straight up cheat and those judges didn't know anything, wack ass jump

Blogger Shino's Dad said...
@remainsofomega, I attempted to do as much as I could even while playing, but players would not listen and two of the guys (Matt, you were cool), seemed a bit irritated at my constant interjecting. There is only so much damage control I could perform when it came to trying to contest rulings on other people's behalf. Unfortunately, when cheaters are paired against people who aren't rule savvy and beleive anything they're told, then stuff like this happens.

Blogger Shino's Dad said...
Also I didn't drop =\ . I went 3-3 and would have been 4-2 if not for D20's being my nemesis.

Blogger remainsofomega said...
@shino's dad - I remember seeing that rolling a 1 on d20 that was messed up. Sucks the cheatkage got away with it, that guy who he beat in the first round in top 8, had an interesting deck, I would've like to see what would've happen if it was fair match.

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