Monday, May 2, 2011
Rogue List Suggestions
In hopes that Bandai throws up a new rogue list in the next week so PA won't befall the same terrible fate that FL did (Plagued with Pumps), here's a quick few suggestions:

Chidori Stream => 0
I played this deck for fun at a Chunin. It's too consistent and board wipes too easily. You can guarantee it on turn 4 every game, while you keep 2 other Ninja with Sasuke. There is no coming back from that.

Comparative Strengths => 1
No cost. Shuts off too much stuff. Back to Back Comp Strengths is a blow out and the second most frustrating thing in the game. (Back to Back to Back Comp Strengths is the first, and yes, I've had it happen to me many times in tournament).

Naruto Uzumaki [Reliance] => 0
Kabuto @ 0 and this guy @ 1, even though this guy has better stats and pumps your whole board?

Hydro Pump => 0
15 in top cut. Played in every color, even though it is a Wind Jutsu.

Training in the Moonlight => 1
Randoms out people far too easily. Does too much for simply 1 card.

Deidara (Set 20 Tin) => 0
Has yet to prove his worth but he's Chidori Stream. You can't ban Stream and not ban this guy as he's essentially a better Chidori Stream. Do the right thing.

Cards That Stay As Is:

Kakashi Hatake [True Allies] - TA is fine @ 1. Any more, and you're going to see TA swarm again.

Yamato [Control by Fear] - The card still has no good Jutsu to mastery. Crap stats. The format is fast enough that he doesn't even come down half the time. I still don't know why people see this card as a problem. @ 3, sure. With Sealing the Evil, definitely. Without either of those 2 factors? Nah.

Baki [Able Brained] - The second most overrated card I feel in the game's history, with Fear by Genjutsu being the first. He's good and locks up games, but really he's not any more potent that Freezing Eyes, a card that's at 3. He's fine @ 1... honestly if Hiruko didn't have "Name: Sasori", this guy might not even make it into wind decks. Did I mention his stats are awful?



Anonymous Anonymous said...
Only thing I disagree on is Deidara simply because its too early (hes still hella busted) and Baki. Baki means you cant come back and punishes people that are playing to defend their entire field rather than swing heavy with 1 team.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Yeah I know, it's too early for Deidara but when the card creator knows it's broken and should be banned, I'm asking him to do the right thing so we don't have to deal with another atrocious meta. I don't have to present said person with a compelling argument. They're just waiting for a certain duration before giving it the axe... if they'd just axe it now, it'd save the player base a lot of grief.

Baki has never been stellar for Andrew or myself except in the Naru/Hina metagame. I understand where you're coming from and I recognize his power but I'm not going to cry if he leaves or stays.

Blogger Joseph said...
No chance of diedara getting the axe before PA, everyone knows he's broken but banning or limiting him now would hurt tin sales too much. I can see him at 1 for gencon though and probably a ban afterwards.

I can see pump and reliance getting limited before PA.

I dont see comp getting even limited just because its the only answer to so many unfair things in the format.


Blogger Ross134 said...
I agree with dropping Comp to 1. When 95% of decks run 3, it becomes an issue. If it had a hand cost than a 3 of would be fine.

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