Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Let's Talk About Water...
So I've been rattling this deck list around in my head for a couple days and felt I needed to throw it down in words. Tell me what you all think.

Ninjas: 22

4 - 3 - 4 : Oshawott - Dewott - Samurott (Ability: Shell Armor)

4 - 3 - 4: Totodile - Croconaw - Feraligatr (Prime)

2 Uxie

2 Sableye

Missions: 22

3 Rare Candy

4 Interviewer's Questions

4 Pokemon Communication

3 Bebe's Search

2 Scott

2 Professor Juniper

2 Expert Belt

2 Twins

Jutsu: 16

16 Water Energy

Basically, the main point of the deck is to get Your Feraligatr online as soon as possible and just dump energy onto Samurott, who does a base of 100 damage with Hydro Pump, not including any pluses from more than 3 Water Energy or an Expert Belt attached. I originally ran 3 - 2 Lilipup and Herdier as a draw engine, but I realized that it was eating up my first two turns of energy and I risked Lilipup or Herdier dying to a solid hit from those damn Fighting Ninjas.

Oh, here's a preview too.

Basic Turn 2 Suigetsu stats, with a valid ability based on how much chakra you have accumulated. He doesn't really compare to the No Hand or Discard versions of Suigetsu, who are both excellent in their respective deck types. For now, he's gonna be on the bench.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
That deck sucks. I dont even play the game anymore and I know that the format is Sableye donk or gtfo

Blogger Ross134 said...
And for those of us who don't want to play complete cheese, I'd have to say the deck is alright. Veazie is right, in that your deck is too slow to deal with Sableye as most Samurott decks are.

Right now I'm running a Scizor Prime deck that focuses on 1 shots, sped up by Electrode prime. I can usually hit 90-130 dmg by turn 2 and way more by turns 3-5. Black Belts help in that situation.

Also I'm pretty sure that Scott isn't legal anymore.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Didn't everything from Platinum and below cycle out already?

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