Sunday, February 21, 2010
Things Tsu Thinks (2/21/10)
So it's Sunday morning and I seem to have woken up later than usual (around 10:30 AM). I'm sitting here enjoying my morning listening to the Official Naruto CCG podcast's last episode. For those of you who have not check it out, you can find it here:

Even if you didn't like the podcast, you have to give these guys a hand. They went out of there way to bring something great to the community every week or so. Think of all the great things they've done and brought you. Previews like Fear by Genjutsu, letting you know about great new mechanics like Surge and Mastery, the contests, or just the general craziness and fun that came from listening to the show. I still say you jumped the gun a little bit Andrew and shouldn't have gone off the air but I can't force your decision. But I hope I'm not alone in saying that we want you back on the air! There's no reason you should have to quit and be done!

And that's all I'm going to say about that. So while I continue to listen to the rest of the episode I'm just gonna fire off somethings on my brain.

First off, Tsu is mad. Tsu is very mad. No release tournament yesterday. Why? Our store didn't receive our shipment of cards in yet so that's that. So I spent most of the day hanging out with Ultra Pro Yugimonz Player Arthur Pisko as he completely wrecked everyone with his deck taking first at the YGO local (Which keep in mind our YGO local at ATF is like 60 person turnout every week). Watching him was actually helpful cause I noticed a lot of things that I could incorporate into my own style, specifically that poker face of his. He almost never gives away when he's in a bad position even though he clearly has no outs...and he's just amazing and bluffing and turning it back onto the other guy whether he realizes it or not. Good stuff. (The Release is this upcoming Saturday at All Things Fun for anyone who wishes to come)

Speaking of good game play practices and the like, I thoroughly enjoyed Gary's (VSA) article that was posted up on Shino's Dads forums. You can find the link under Bandai's Naruto CCG General discussion. It's a good read and hopefully many of you guys take a lot of stuff away from it.

My stuff is still missing. Josh still has my stuff I lent him for the most recent event so I can't really start laying out the foundation of what I want to play in a couple of weeks for Set 16. Wahoo! That, plus the other cards that I'm expecting in the mail sometime soon, have prevented me from building an EDH deck for "The Gauntlet" between Andrew and Nick sometime very soon (Be sure to check back because the entire match will be recorded and uploaded!)

A big thank you guys once again for making "Teach Me Professor Tsu Kiyo Me!" go 100% Yes and 0% No votes for the second straight week in a row! I appreciate it a bunch and I'll try my hardest to keep giving you guys good articles every week. After 4 years of college and a ton of English and Psychology courses, all those writing skills finally pay off! To be honest, I wanted to be an English major going into college because I thoroughly enjoy writing and I'm completely enamored with it, mostly cause I enjoy the internal thought process, other peoples opinions, and how they arrive at those thoughts/opinions. I however, did not go to school for English, instead opting for Computer Science because of my second passion, technology. To make up for the lack of brain picking, I minored in Psychology.

Naruto Card Trading is brutal at the moment. I have a slew of stuff I'm trying to trade and everyone is basically asking me to rip myself for anything new, regardless of how good it is. I was offered like 3 or 4 rares from Set 16 and a Leaf Hospital for a Nara mat yesterday. Online trading is probably even worse as people just "CML" from here until infinity without ever having anything from my wants. I'm a competitive player people, I don't need collection wants!!!

And now wrapping this up I have a wonderful announcement for you all in the North East area: ATF CHUNIN! All Things Fun has announced that there Chunin will be held in there store on one of the following dates: 3/13 or 3/20. 3/14 and 3/21 are the alternates in case they can't find room amongst the YGO players that day. I'll have an exact date for you guys later on this week but I thought I'd give you all a heads up. Set 16 "Broken Promise" is legal for this event and as more of an incentive for you guys to show up, the prizing will either be "Broken Promise" or "Foretold Prophecy." As we say in the fighting game community "GET HYPE"

-Tsu post signature

P.S. The Third Hokage N-749 is now referred to as "Hugh Hefner"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm with you on the podcast thing hopefully they still do and get previews. Also yeah Third Hokage does look like that lol.

Blogger Josh said...
Sorry... I need to send you back your cards soon. I just keep on forgetting to mail them out. v_v

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My store didn't get its BP order in either...I nerd raged HARD. >.>

Anonymous Anonymous said...
100% agree with you Tsu. Trading is ridiculous right now...

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