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Rebuttal: 2EZ Blog's "Rogue List Interpertation" (+ Bonus)
Normally at this time of the day I'm sort of busy with work but today on my lunch break I came across this article written by Matt Eisenbud . Just reading over the list, I can already see several problems with it and wanted to share some of my thoughts on it and what I do and don't agree with on the list.

At Zero
Hydro Pump
Disagree with Hydro-Pump entirely at zero. I used to be one of the biggest opponents of this card being at zero and as it stands right now, I think it's fine. The format is generally fast enough where this card isn't really a huge problem and there are comparable cards now late game (Almighty Push). It isn't even really in every deck anymore. So the only real problem with this card is if it comes down early from Fourth Hokage... which is a combo I've played before. It's a -4 from your hand and if you still have to make a Ninja drop, that's a -5 for the turn. I really hope that what's left in your hand is a KNS and/or Sakura's Decision to refill your hand otherwise you burnt everything just to get that far. And if your opponent has the Dragon Flame/F. Punch Response, you just look silly for going "All In" on turn 1 or turn 2.

On top of that, it's one of the few cards that can stop a card like Susan. In fact I'd argue that Hydro Pump is one of the largest reasons as to why Susan doesn't see play in this format (others being things like Mind Transfer, Almighty Push, and an aggressive format).

At 1
The Warhawk
Why? I understand it's pretty much super over powered but if you go after this card, you have to go after Monster Research from Lightning & Water as well as Sakura's Decision from Wind because they essentially net you the same style of advantage you need. Earth is the only element that doesn't have a card like this and they're getting back Student & Sensei, a turn 1 Draw 2, with Set 25 as well as a pretty powerful Permanent Mission theme in my book. I really don't think you want to hit Warhawk at all as it's pretty much Fire's "Bread N' Butter" the same way all those other cards are. Post rotation, Fire has garbage missions without Warhawk.

At 2
This is one that I can get behind but at 2 solves nothing. If you're going to hit Byakugan, go all in or don't. Byakugan isn't a 3 of card, even with tri-color cards coming out in droves this set. You either ban it (I don't think it's that good), put it at 1 (kill it's consistency to be played in mulitples) or leave it alone. I really feel Semi-Limits are dumb as they don't really accomplish anything unless all 3 copies of the card are needed to win. You don't hit the consistency of a card, and you don't fix the problem.

Dome Prison
The problem with Dome Prison is the amount of advantage you get for playing it back to back. Putting Dome at 2 instead of 3 decreases consistency yes, but it just allows for a less skill intensive meta. You hit your 2 Dome Prison and blew the other guy out of the game early with your chakra burn so they can never get their game plan going. Denying resources is the most "Anti-Fun" mechanic in this game. Players shouldn't be just handed things and should have to be challenged to try to make their game plans but you shouldn't straight up deny your opponent's game, especially when it further accelerates you, can be played that early, and played that cheap. Putting this @ 2 is the equivalent of moving Furious Current back to 2. . . you're just encouraging an early game blowout

Big Bang
Same as Dome Prison. Only this time, putting this at 2 will make everyone shift to Fire/Wind or Fire/Lightning to give them the best chance of digging for Dragon Flame for the "GGs." Putting it at 2 just accelerates decks and gives players more chances to lock their opponent out of a game before they even get a chance to play it.

So Wind has no real damaging moves unless used with another element. And Reanimation's "Infinite Loop" doesn't really hit until turn 6 when Tsunade hits (I recognize with the release of 25, you have Sakura and Shizton to make this happen much earlier). But really this is all Wind has besides F. Punch...Wind Pressure is good but not great, like the Jutsu from other elements. I say let Wind have it....and if you're going to restrict it, why 2? That does NOTHING. Most people only play 2. 2 is what allows the loop to exist! If you want to hurt this card at all, put it at 0 or 1. As I said above, limiting to 2 does nothing except lower your odds of pulling off a combo (and it's not even that high, percentage-wise). 

Ink Leech
I still don't see the problem with this card. Earth and Wind can turn 1 F. Punch/Super Slap/Mind Transfer to stop any early game Jutsu you can get. In fact, it can force you to waste those same cards with Mental Power starts. The stats are sub par. I have no issues but the player base seems to disagree with me here... again 0, 1, or 3. 2 is not a realistic option for this card either.

Infinite Embrace
ROFLMAO! You're joking right? RIGHT!? The Jutsu that's tied for the 2nd best (along with Chidori/Petals/Summoning Jutsu, first being Prong) early game Jutsu want it to come back? DO YOU WANT THE GENCON META TO BE FIRE/WIND OR LOSE? 

3 x Dragon Flame
2 x Embrace

Every deck. Get at me.

Create-A-Card Article #1 goes up tonight or tomorrow, featuring Anthony Burns' card.

Our Videocast/Vloggy/New Podcast had a huge snag in filming which caused us to lose a lot of our footage. We have been working to fix the problem and as soon as Andrew is able to start filming again, we'll host these. We might even consider doing a weekly live streamed show, where we have prominent players/guests from the community on to discuss the state of the game. 

Our 2nd preview from Series 25 "Kage Summit" goes up next Tuesday around lunch time (EST) so be sure to check it out! It's really good! Trust me!


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Blogger Pyrot said...
Now I dont entirely agree with Matt's list, I still want to rebuttal on some points youve made.

Hydro Pump I believe is fine at 1, too. However Susano'o is completely irrelevant when discussing HP. Susanoo sucks for a plethora of reasons. The element, what it tries to do, etc. Sage mode says Im never decking out so Susanoo isnt going to do a whole lot.

Warhawk also disagree with Matt because its a double edged sword.

All the 2 ofs, however, I do agree with Matt. Byakugan is a 3 of next format in multi element deck. Getting hit with one sucks, yes, but decreasing the consistency that they hit multiple (an auto loss) is good for the game. It doesnt ruin the strength that Byakugan is going to give tri+ element decks but also decreases the probability of hitting a broken combo (Byakugan twice). Similarly to how with Pump at 1 you dont see 4th playing it a lot, but at the same time hitting it is an auto win if you know how to play with it.

Dome is close to useless at 1, but at 2 it gives strength to water which doesnt have a whole lot going for it.

Big bang is also useless at 1. Its just not worth it. If the card went to 2 it would at least see play. At 1 you dont play it because its a dead draw late game, whereas at 2 the likelihood of getting off outweighs the fact that you have to attack/block + have an additional card in hand.

Wind is ridiculously obnoxious when they know how to play with 2 reanimation in hand. Blocking all of your attempts at BRs then healing the board and grabbing whatever card they charged as a handcost or something that Tenten milled over. The versatility Reanimation gives at 3 is a bit ridiculous.

Ink leech is a problem. Its the most busted card in the game in my opinion. It allows for way too many ridiculous combos. IMO it should go to 1.

Infinite Embrace would be stupid at 2. However at 1 I dont believe it to be a problem. Almost every deck would have access to it and with all the special summons coming out next set a -1 ninja is less devastating next format. It allows for more decks to have reasonable answers to counter overpowered cards (see: 4th Hokage)

Just my 2 cents on Matts article.

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