Tuesday, March 27, 2012
TPC Contest Winners
This post will be updated with more details when I get to it. Here are the winners. Prizing details, instructions for the 2 winners, as well as all images and write ups/details will be updated.

Here are your winners:

1st: Genre (Uchiha Madara/Yakushi Kabuto)

2nd: Sai'ix Renkai (Sarutobi Asuma/Sarutobi Hiruzen)

Honorable Mention: Earthbullet (Tobi/Uchiha Sasuke)

Honorable Mention: Lindaina Albright (Uzumaki Karin/Uzumaki Kushina)

1st Place has their choice of 1 of the following:
-a set of Target Promos (Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, & Deva Path) & a signed copy of "Monster Research" by Shonen Jump Champion Squee

-a Temari mat signed by notable players including Anthony Hernandez, Team 2EZ (Thomas Veazie), Team Best Buddies Always (Matt Eisenbud, Ryan Severin and others), Team TBA (Joe Colon, Saul) Team Chicago (Aodajuiceman, Destin, Jason Tanks), Judging Staff (Dalegna, Wizkid, etc.), and old school Team AllThingsFun (Elric, Tsu Kiyo Me, etc.)

The prize not chosen shall be given to the 2nd place winner.

Honorable mention cards as well as the 2 winners will be featured in articles later this week on The Perfect Curve!

As always, thank you for everyone who participated! We'll try to do more free give aways in the future!


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Blogger Sai'ix Renkai said...
Right-o! Second place is better than the no place I anticipated.

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