Friday, February 24, 2012
The Perfect Curve "2 Year Anniversary" CREATE-A-SQUAD Contest
So as you can no doubt guess by the title, our compromise for this year's contest is to create a new squad.

But not just any squad, we want something really special...originality. (A yes I know that sounds really cliche). But honestly, we're tired of giving you guys the template: Previously it was a Sakura & Ino Squad then an Anko State 1 Reinforcement. This year we're letting you pick any 2 characters of your choice for a squad. We want to see what crazy pairs you come up without it being too foreign (As awesome as Tenten & Uchiha Madara squad sounds, it's probably not likely).

That being said, here's the official rules and judging criteria for the contest!

Create-A-Squad Rules
-Each person will be allowed one submission to the contest! If you submit more then one, we will accept the last version you send us until the contest deadline.
-Each person entering will create a "Squad" using any 2 characters from the Naruto CCG of their chosing. You may not use characters that are not from the Naruto universe. Sorry :)
-Each card will be based on the following criteria:
-Card Completeness & Formatting: Does the card have the correct symbols, combat attribute, stats, characteristics, etc.? Is it laid out a like a real genuine Bandai card? Characteristics are correct and in the right order? Effects are properly worded? Does it have the surname? DON'T FORGET THE FLAVOR TEXT PEOPLE.
-Card Balance: Could this be a real Bandai made card? Is it unplayable? Or is it the next Genre-esque card that breaks the format and ruins the game for all of us?
-Originality of Effect: How original is the effect? Is it just a rehash of old effects from previous characters and ideas?
-Originality of Character Choice: How original is the character choice for the squads? Squad choices shouldn't be too obvious (Sasuke & Itachi) but not too farfetched either (Tenten & Madara).
-Write Up: Please submit a short write up (1 or 2 paragraphs is usually sufficient) explaining why you choose these characters for your squad and what your goals were when making the card. Help us get inside your head when you were constructing your masterpiece.

-Please submit your entry using the "Email" button on the right hand side of the bloggy!
-We welcome pictures! While a picture of your card isn't mandatory, we do love our pictures!
-Deadline is 3/23/12. Winners will be announced via The Perfect Curve (either Livestream or Blog) throughout the MA SJC!


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