Thursday, January 19, 2012
Set 24 Previews & SJC MA Live Stream Confirmed!
It's been a while right? :)

Sorry the site hasn't been updated but the last few months have been busy for all of us...and with a stale game state there hasn't been much to talk about.

That said, Invasion was a swimming success for Bandai in my opinion, and TP4 is just as awesome. I personally haven't been able to get any TP4 or Target Promos yet but oh well. I'm sure I'll get some shortly after I get paid.

That said, we've received FIVE brand new previews for the newest set, Sage's Legacy, including a Super Rare to make up for our lack of one in Set 23. We'll be trying to do something "old" with these previews by doing a more in-depth write up than usual if we can. There's some interesting things to talk about with a few of our previews and I'm really happy that they're not just "*insert trash card here that you can barely talk about*" like we (and many other sites) sometimes get. I think this is kind of a reflection on Bandai's card design as of late. Invasion had very few bad cards and TP4 as well. Normally I've been accustomed to Naruto sets being 50 to 80% unplayable cards. And while a lot of cards in those two newest sets may not see play, I don't necessarily feel a vast majority of them are useless as per usual.

As for SJC MA in March, I'll be traveling with GenCon Winner 2010 Squee up to the Motel Casa de Pena to have some fun and cover the event for you all. Tentatively, I'll for-go playing in the event to make sure we do this coverage and we do it right. The best coverage I've ever done has been on days where I haven't been playing, and ones where I have...well they've pretty much been a wash. Additionally, this time the live stream will be done with my desktop, which is a much stronger device than the typical laptop you see me stream on. (An i7 Quad Core is much more powerful then this wimpy dual core). I got the idea from a video game streamer who travels around the country to cover events. He uses a comparable desktop and has since forgone his laptop because it's simply better. Sure travel accommodations suck that way, but it will get the job done faster.

In fact, he uses the same software as me and even the same camera (for those complaining the camera I use sucks). Because of the stronger PC, we can get away with setting the camera to max 720p HD settings. Now all that's left it so to acquire the stand he told me to get for the camera (surprisingly only $10!) and for the venue to deliver with the Wi-Fi I asked and we'll be in business. Please don't let me down on the Wi-Fi part Saul! I can't take another event where I'll promise something and have to settle with my tethered cell phone. Ha ha.

But seriously this time we're going to do this shit.

And we're going to do it RIGHT dammit!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sounds good i would like to help

Blogger zbkillaz said...
sweet deal, I'll see what I can do to arrange some space dedicated for coverage at the store. Im gonna ask the managers if they can move some of their wall displays for a day. to give you access to power outlets.


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