Friday, October 7, 2011
Naruto CCG: Serious Threat to National Security?
[10:39:58 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: i just had an epic derp moment from airport security
[10:40:20 AM] Patrick O'Neill: ?
[10:40:29 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: they stop me becuase my bag didnt go through properly
[10:40:34 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: then open it up
[10:40:43 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: and take out my naruto deck for further inspection
[10:40:47 AM] Patrick O'Neill: LMAO
[10:40:48 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: apparently it set off security
[10:40:49 AM] Patrick O'Neill: ROFL
[10:41:04 AM] Patrick O'Neill: GG Naruto deck
[10:41:05 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: yea i was laughing my ass off the whole time
[10:41:20 AM] Patrick O'Neill: Naruto cahds, srs bizness
[10:41:30 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: my yugioh deck made it through security just fine
[10:41:42 AM] Patrick O'Neill: Figures...
[10:41:50 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: yea i would have expected the other way around
[10:42:12 AM] Patrick O'Neill: Probably cause you didn't have an Egyptian God Card.
[10:42:18 AM] JohnnyTrickpenny: yea

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Now every time I take my UltraPro Gaming Case with metal deckboxes inside, I would take it out of my backpack and send it through security separately. I got stopped enough times where every metal deckbox had to be searched because through all those layers, it wasn't identifiable that cards were inside. Made it less of a hassle.

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