Tuesday, December 14, 2010
TP2 Chibi Neji & Chibi Zetsu
Because I noticed people on Bandai still don't know what they do yet

Neji Hyuga
Leaf | Male | Byakugan | GROWTH
Turn 1 HC 0
When this Ninja is sent out to Attack, you can flip up one of your face down Battle Rewards.

3/0, 3/0

I didn't draft him because he was terrible so that's why there's no image. But here is Zetsu:

He's easy to pull

A close up of Zetsu

Also, our "Create-An-Anko" Holiday contest is still going on.

All you have to do to enter is email us your submission using the link on the right.

The card details are as follows:

Anko Mitarashi (State 1)
Reinforcement Ninja
VERY IMPORTANT! It is a REINFORCEMENT Ninja! You are designing an Anko with the Curse Mark activated. It is an alternate form such as Naruto (Tailed Beast Mode).

The flavor text, effect, stats, turn marker, hand cost, and virtually everything else are left up to you.

We'll announce the winner either Friday or Saturday evening via the Livestream/Podcast from Andrew's house.

First place gets a SEALED box of Naruto CCG cards.
Second will receive a play mat and Block Legal Super Rare: Hiruko
Third will receive a play mat
All winners and a few honorable mentions/runner ups will receive signed promos/cards from TPC Staff Members (Quantity of winners depends on number of cards available to sign)

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