Thursday, December 2, 2010
The Perfect Curve Holiday Contest!
Here it is as promised! Almost late but still just barely on time! THE PERFECT CURVE HOLIDAY CONTEST!

What is it?

To appreciate our readers, we are holding another contest in a similar fashion to the previous one held back in late October. The prizes are being supplied entirely by me, from my own collection, with the intent on giving back to the community for the holiday season, as well as those who are less fortunate than myself who love this game but may not have all the cards and such that they want.

So What Are the Prizes?

1st Place: One SEALED BLOCK LEGAL Naruto Shippuden CCG booster box.
2nd Place: 1 Naruto Shippuden CCG Playmat + 1 BLOCK LEGAL Non-Starter Super Rare
3rd Place: 1 Naruto Shippuden CCG Playmat + Misc. Signed Promos
Honorable Meantion: TBD

How Do I Win?

Simple. Just like last time, complete a card. Last time we made you make a Sakura & Ino squad.

What about this time?

Our card is:

Anko Mitarashi (State 1)

The Card MUST have the Lightning AND Water Symbol

The Card IS a Reinforcement Ninja. It MUST have the Reinforcement characteristic.

I would have provided a card image but Shino's Dad's internet is out (thus the delay for this).

We'll update this entry later with the card image in the next day or so.

To submit your entry, please use the email button located on the right hand side of the website. Just like last time, having a card image does not increase your chances of winning but it certainly makes our lives easier in reading it.

We'll announce the winners live from Andrew's house on December 18th during our Podcast/Live Stream!

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When will you post the image we will be using for the contest?

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