Monday, October 4, 2010
"Path of Pain" Contest In the Works
The first step to revitalizing and revamping "The Perfect Curve" after our big absence this off season is to open up big.

How Big?

How about a contest for all our loyal readers.

What will the reward be?

Prizes, obviously.

What kind of Prizes?

Glad you asked.

We'll be giving away platinum promos, signed cards from "The Perfect Curve" staff, Super Rares, Playmats, Starter Decks, A WHOLE SEALED BOX OF CARDS, and possibly the new "Untouchable" tins.


Well because we love our readers. And we want to give our readers a reason to start reading us again on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for full contest details and rules in the coming week or so, as well as perhaps a new layout.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
=D Can't wait, I keep checking back wondering when stuff will be posted XD

-Lord Cowman III

Blogger Josh said...
I'm going to resign from the site so I can win prizes in the contest.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
when you guys hold tournaments and where?

kujo yang, san jose

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