Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Potential EDH Ban List - Suggestions Welcome-
Here is the proposed EDH Ban List for the GenCon 2010 Side Tournament. If you feel something is missing, suggest it now before we submit it off to Bandai for approval and prize support.

General Ban List
Tsunade & Katsuyu
Izumo Kamizuki & Kotetsu Hagane
Shizune & TonTon
The Fourth Hokage & Gamabunta

Regular Ban List
Sasuke Uchiha & Orochimaru [Ambition and Desire]
The First Hokage (PR-018)


The Fastest Ones
Chunin Exam Rule


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Blogger Kelvin said...
I personally feel that Rock Lee & Tortoise Ninja is too good to allow in this format, because he's a 5/3 on turn 2, allows access to some truly powerful jutsu on the same turn, tutors Dynamic Entrance, who you are then basically guaranteed on Turn 5, and his effect is nuts. He makes it really hard to play a general that is late-game, because he is wrecking you're opponent or getting BRs too fast to stop. In a format that doesn't even allow Izumo & Kotetsu because it filters so well, this card seems pretty unhealthy.

Another card to look at is Shikamaru & Asuma, because he guarantees the squad, but it isn't anywhere near as bad, since the squad would only be a one-time use.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
can we have an official rule list
deck size,ninja/justu,start hand size,mulliginas ect ect
because people play differently
and the general offical only gets +1 hand cost when it dies right

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What's EDH? and what are the rules? because I have no idea why Tsunade/Katsuyu would be banned unless the rules were kinda weird.

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