Sunday, May 23, 2010
SJC Georgia Livestream Forthcoming
So as a treat for all of our loyal blog readers, I, your King, have decided for the Shonen Jump Championships in Georgia that we'll attempt to run a livestream with the help of Gary (VSA) and his local store.

You'll be able to watch a featured match every round, the entire event, live over the internet, right up to and including the final match. We'll be updating you all live via Chat every round with the results as well, giving you a level of coverage never before covered at any Naruto CCG event.

Of course, we'll also have plenty of pictures, videos, and tournament reports to go around if you prefer all that stuff as well. But the main focus will be the livestream, should we be able to get it up and running properly.

So... everybody, GET HYPE!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sounds pretty cool I'll definitely try to catch some matches they might make me a better player.

Blogger Preston said...
This seems like a really good idea, make the event more interactive and personal.

I hope everything goes well.


Blogger Donnie said...
I really hate how Anons can't post, makes me sign in.

Anyways, I love this idea. Thank you! ^ ^

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