Tuesday, May 18, 2010
I Hate You Jerry
You just HAD to make Long Awaited Reinforcement discard your whole hand if you don't deploy the Ninja that turn didn't you?

In 22 test games over Skype, I've been Sealing Barrier'd off of my L.A.R. 16 of those times. Now I'm not going to say that the people I play with are cheating me but... yeesh. I must be unlucky. Someone cut me a break ;_;

Anyways, we know who the real culprit is to blame for all of this: Tylar. He made Sealing Barrier. He's the reason for my anguish in this test games. GET HIM!

In other news, Water is way too damn powerful. They really need a few things to keep them checked otherwise they're going to just run over everyone this format. After playing test games with Will of Fire, Water just seems to crush anything in it's way. Even aggressive decks like Animals or NVS thanks to Sea Monster and choice sideboard cards.

Things that I'd love to see rogue'd:

1. Tobi
2. Ninja Info Cards (If Tobi doesn't get rogue'd)
3. Water Dragon
4. Threat of the Tailed Beast
5. Kabuto (Because putting Threat on this list and keeping him at 3 doesn't do anything)

I'd put Hiding but that's just cause I'm a serious hater on Water. That's definitely a fair card.

Cards that I'd love to see banned:

1. Snake Waves
2. Sealing Barrier (-.-;;)

Before you guys fire off comments about saying how wrong I am, know that I'm a serious hater on water and most of this is purely in jest (I'm serious about roguing Dragon and Tobi though. Leaving them unrestricted would be one of the biggest mistakes Bandai has ever made). Hahaha. But no seriously, Water is really good this set.

Edit: So... out of NO WHERE All Things Fun announced their Chunin date... which is in 5 days (Sunday). So who is going, considering the short notice? Format is Broken Promise. Prizing is Broken Promise.

Re-Edit: Just got called into Work on Sunday. Not attending this unless it gets moved.

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Anonymous Deets said...
Ugh wtf with the short notice >_< The window after a new set is released and the time when its legal is the worst time for tournaments. So unfair. Oh well, I'm in Boston that weekend anyways.

Blogger Josh said...
Does this mean I don't have to send your cards back until later now? I can try and track down the stuff I'm missing (Tortoise Ninja + some squads)

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
@Josh: Take your sweet time. There's no way I can do the 23rd. I have work that day and if I call out on the 23rd, I can't call out for GenCon...so it's basically "ATF Chunin" or "SJC Indy." I think it's obvious what I'm picking.

Blogger Jerry said...
i'm feeling the love here lol

i think you need to start testing against mono fire :p

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