Sunday, May 16, 2010

You, the people, have elected me YOUR LEADER!!!

I won the Member Elimination on Bandai, so that means I'm the big cheese on the Bandai forums now and I am fully in charge of all the side games at GenCon this year.

Now, as a the winner, I am fully allowed to set forth a series of decrees that all shall adhere to!

1. No matter what anyone else says, I AM THE MAIN CHARACTER!

2. Reread #1. I AM THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!

3. By appointing me the leader, you have forfeited all of your rights to (especially the ones involving fun stuff) to me. In return, I shall promise to provide you all with more entertainment than you can possibly imagine at the end of the summer (See: GenCon Indy)

4. I shall appoint officers to oversee my rule when I am not present. You shall treat them as if they were me during these periods of time.

5. What I say, Goes. Don't like it? We have ways of dealing with you.

Simple, no?

On the agenda for GenCon this year, our side trips shall include 5 video game tournaments, each with a $1 entrance fee:

1. Super Smash Brothers Brawl
2. Super Street Fighter 4
3. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
4. Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3
5. Pokeymanz (Must provide own gamez and own Dee Es)

1st 70% of Pot
2nd 20% of Pot
3rd 10% of Pot

Inuyasha TCG Draft/Bleach TCG Draft

Whatever we can muster in the show room is what we'll play, based on popular demand and attendance. Entrance fee will be similar in fashion to the above, along with the prizes. The more product we need and the less people we have, the more the price goes up.

Three Versus Three: Naruto TCG

I have to talk to Austin (Anavel Gato) about this but if he is not going to run the 3 vs 3 Event this year, than I will along with the rest of The Perfect Curve Staff. I will attempt to secure prizing from Bandai from this. If not, we can do a pay-to-play system, use the entrance fee to buy product from Bandai, and use that as our prizing. I'll whip up something custom made for our winners to display (perhaps small trohpies or some such)

EDH aka Elder Dragon Highlander aka Village Leader Highlander: Naruto TCG

This is confirmed. We will be hosting the first ever EDH side event for the Naruto CCG. Prizing will be Chunin Level Prizing. With enough support, this event may reach Jonin Level prizing. Ban List and Tournament Specific Rules forth coming as things get closer (Expect something in late June about this). You can find the rules for how to play EDH in Bandai's Casual Formats section as well as the Youtube videos found at my Youtube channel:

Hentai Dubbing: 18+ ONLY!!!


Bar/Club Hopping: 21+ ONLY!!!
The Thursday night before most of the GenCon events I would very much like to hang out with as many of you all as possible. I figured a good way to hang out and have a good time would be to go, have a drink, and see the sites of Indy and have a good time! WHO IS WITH ME!?!?!?

Anything else you would like to see? Post it up here. I'll attempt to make it happen.

Edit: In place of the fan service, I've decided to put up the video Deets posted on Bandai celebrating me, the King of GenCon, and my first decree:

Main Character, singing out.

-S.O.S. Brigade Chief Tsuzumiya Haruhi

P.S. Enjoy the new signature. True to Tsu form, it comes in 9 different flavors

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Anonymous RotationNeiji said...
Ok (takes a deep breath)

1)where/when are you gonna hold the vid.gaming tourneys?

2)Hentai dubbing + My Mr. Popo voice = hilarity

3)Dude, i'm from Indy. What bars you wanna hit? :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am soooo glad we killed Nick.

Anonymous Sharingan_Warrior said...
I vote you also add SSBB to the list. You can't beat the classics. I also loved the fan service. Lol.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
SSBB is already on the list.

Also, Fan Service has temporarily been removed due to complications. Working on getting it put back up. Apparently it isn't acceptable content for this website (We had a code of conduct? Who knew...) but comments like the ones Thomas Veazie posts are okay? To Hell with that.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
As a note, this is not a place for you to plug extra sites. It will be treated as spam and deleted. If you would like to press your luck, I can always IP track you and have some fun.

Blogger Canti said...
You got me so excited for EDH but then i saw it was naruto format and i was sad :(

Things i will play, SSBB,SSF4,CS,Pokemons,and 3v3 ( i will see if the other hosts of NSL want to join with me)

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
No problem-o. Hope to see you there.


For prize support, I'll be making special armbands (ala Haruhi) to give to the winners in addition to their prize support. Sounds cheesey but you'll suck it up, like it, and wear it with pride!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What teirs is the pokemon battling gonna be in? Im guess OU but anything else will be fine. Just gotta let me know

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This all got to his head pretty fast, lol.

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