Monday, March 8, 2010
Things Tsu Thinks (3/8/10)
So I've been testing diligently working on making a deck for the ATF Chunin in 13 days. Every time I think I've found a match, another possibility comes up. I want to say that after playing Shino's Dad, Lightning is a definite possibility. Decks left to test still fall under mostly Water and Lightning. Fire is almost done testing.

I know people are looking forward to this week's sequel of "Where I've Been/What I've Learned" but I'll be honest: I'm trying to think of things I've learned since QFP. Only 2 or 3 come to mind unless I really wanna post lessons like "Here's one time where I learned Andrew is a dick and I shouldn't have listened to him." Although I'm sure most of you guys would enjoy that. And even Andrew would enjoy it cause he'd get "Name Dropped" so it's a win-win for everyone. Awesome. Just typing this now I have the motivation to finish the article.

On the subject of Shikamaru & Choji squad: Why is everyone complaining? The game is shifting towards a slower game, and this effect is very powerful. Almost every deck plays Shikamaru in a Tier 1 environment so its only about Choji. Choji Moving and Choji Infuriation are both extremely solid turn 0s that any deck can play that have some sort of effect. So the ease at which it is played is not an issue. The next question I'm here is "Well it's not as good as other X card."

Shika-Temari: This thing is 7 Mental Power. Considering every Ninja printed has at least 1 mental power or a broken effect, expect like an 8~10 mental power team with this guy's physical power backing it. It's better than ShikaTemari for hitting hard, especially since it single handedly beats it out.

Shika Flex: Again, it beats out Shika Flex. 8/6 is huge. God speed dealing with that and Kankuro on turn 3.

Shika Unwillingness: This is the one that I keep hearing about. Just no people. Here's a News Flash for all of you: Unwillingness is not as good as you're all thinking at 1. The decreased probability of drawing him means there's a slim chance you will hit him on turn 2. If you hit him on turn 2, great, fantastic. He's broken for the next turn or two and will score you 2~6 BRs. That's why he's rogued to one. So now that he's at one, your consistency dives off considerably. But you could play LAR to get him, right? Well then you're -2 from the hand just to play him on 2 and you'll realize this sad fact: Every 2 or less that gets played at this point in the game Squads into a 3. Shikamaru Unwillingness has no targets usually in my games by the time turn 4 rolls around. You guys can say what you want, @ 1 I feel he's only good in certain decks.

Oh and also about that squad, keep in mind that since it's a Shikamaru/Choji, it's likely to be the only Shika/Choji squad ever printed so as long as the game continues with those characters, that'll be the Squad that gets reprinted for Shika/Cho. How many cards are now similar to LAR? There's a few. The Ninth Match. Sasori of the Red Sand. Constricting Bind. etc. etc. LAR has a chance to eventually get phased out. What about Drift? Well there's a Lightning Mission in Set 16 that's incredibly similar to Drift. My point is Missions will get phased out as time goes on, just like any other card type. The Squad is the least likely card to get phased out, thus keeping Cao's and Lu's name out there.

Was talking to Andrew and Josh last night about making a team name. Dave is still calling himself Team Complete Victory/PlayTCG so we need a new team. As much as we all love "The Perfect Curve," for a team name it is kinda terrible. Just about the only real reason to name ourself Team TPC is just to plug this site, which is pretty awesome. Andrew suggested (I believe half jokingly) that we should have a picture to represent us like (ugh) The WOBMOB. They have their picture of the Lucky Star cast that they use to represent themselves. Andrew wanted us to have a picture we could use to represent ourselves. So after much thought and considering we only really have 5 Members. . .

. . .My bid:

I don't care what anyone says, it's Genius.

(From Left to Right)

Kyon (Cao Cao): The Important One. The most important person in the group (Sannin) but generally does nothing. Often object of Haruhi's Hate for being awful at everything.

Nagato Yuki (Josh Lu): The Powerful One. Clearly the most powerful member of the team however also the laziest one. Doesn't do anything unless absolutely necessary. Shortest person on the team.

Suzumiya Haruhi (Andrew Kardis): The Bossy One. Hates it when things don't go their way. Completely hates on everyone and everything that isn't the way they see fit. Constantly considers themselves to be the main character and the leader. Uses force if necessary.

Asahina Mikuru (Pat O'Neill): The Cute One (lolSmall Asian Female). Constantly has any inkling of free thought or free will crushed by Haruhi. Because of this, constantly traumatized that everything they're doing is wrong. Constantly filled with doubt whenever something important is on the line. Needs someone like Kyon or Koizumi to get back up on their feet and boost their confidence... only til it happens next time.

Itsuki Koizumi (Mike Alpers): The Charismatic One. Constantly favored for everything and seemingly perfect in every way. Does things that piss you off but you can't stay mad at them. Everyone loves them except for Kyon and the impartial Yuki.

. . .

Andrew was stupified and "Doesn't Know If Want." Josh hates it. He'd rather be "The Great Gurren Brigade" from Gurren Lagann. Andrew as Viral, Josh as Kamina, Cao as Kamina, Alpers as Kitan, and I guess that leaves me as Yoko (doomB****!)

Oh well, let me know what you guys think. Post in comments below and such what you guys think.

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P.S. Tsu is getting Final Fantasy XIII tonight so he'll disappear from the face of the Earth for a few days. No AIM. No Blog. No Skype. No Phone. Nothing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I like the SOS brigade idea and Andrew is the only one I guessed correctly ha ha.

Blogger Josh said...
I did NOT want some stupid anime team as my team. -_-

Blogger Josh said...
Also you forgot about my random minions in California in the team picture... HA! It's ruined. I win.

I still maintain that we are Team Complete Victory... just that we have the Ohio Division and the Rest of the Country Division. -_-

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You have Kamina twice and no Simon... I don't think I can label Cao as Kamina... he's not the leader type, but he is just as rash. What about Leeron or Rossiu?

Blogger Josh said...
We are NOT the Gurren Brigade or whatever!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What does TSU have against teh WOBMOB? is it cuz we are loli-rific?

The picture-image thingy is a good idea ;) I suggest you guys go with a picture of Full Metal Alchemist.

I see Cao as Alphonse. Only reason why

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
I'd go with Full Metal Alchemist if we could be the Homunculus. I wants Greed. Also Matt, I meant for Shimon to be Josh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That'd be pretty interesting
Consisting they are meant to be flawed characters made after the seven deadly sins >_>

Anonymous Nonimportant Person... thingy said...
and that is the reason why they rule

Anonymous Mike Alpers said...
We could be Fullmetal Alchemist homunculi. I could be "sexy."

Oh wait, that isn't a sin. Hmmmmm

I like the Melancholy reference though. Thomas and Josh hate me? Yeah, I can pretty much live with that.

On a similar note, I don't care what we are called. I am just having the time of my life being a part of this.

Thanks all, and Pat, enjoy the game!!

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