Thursday, March 25, 2010
Things Tsu Thinks (3/25/10)
So, now that I'm on my lunch break, I think I'll take this time to talk about some of the things that have been on my mind this week for the Naruto CCG.

First off, I'm glad many of you guys enjoyed our first set of previews in Hidan & one of his Jutsu. Please check back later on for those uploaded images as well as interviews with the rest of the play tester staff for Set 17 Will of Fire. We hope to provide you all with more previews next week. I have heard we receiving at least 3 previews... one of which is supposed to be very good from what I hear. I'll be just as excited as you all to find out what they are. Again, check back constantly for updates.

A new addition to the website, the stat calculator, can now be found at the bottom of the website. Previously we had no way to figure out how many of you guys were actually reading the site outside of asking you all to post comments or follow our site. This counter will now accurately reflect the number of UNIQUE VISITORS. So no, F5ing the page will not increase the counter to absurd heights. We're trying to get an accurate gauge on what content people like so we can provide you with more of it.

A big thank you to Scubadude and his crew for plugging us last night on the new Naruto CCG Podcast "Naruto Shippuden Live!" Although it was a shame that Andy didn't show up for your program last night, we still tuned in for it and thank you again for your plug on the air. More support is always a plus as there are still a lot of readers on Bandai who do not know about us so tell your friends and local play groups to check us out if they haven't done so already.

A number of people have been messaging me for my Chunin Deck List since it was withheld in previous article. Sadly, I'm still not going to post it. That's just the way things go when you're a competitive player in the CCG world. The game doesn't have enough depth yet for me to feel comfortable giving out key cards.

Due to Tylar being at Gama this week, as well as me being quite behind due to a lot of work, this week's "Teach Me Professor Tsu Kiyo Me!" will be delayed. Expect to see it late Friday night or early Saturday morning. This will be the last in the series of "Where I've Been/What I've Learned" articles that will cover from GenCon 2009 Day 4 up until this past week's Chunin Victory as well as how I landed the Bandai writer position, the inspiration for the formation of this blog, and a few odds and ends. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, as voiced by one of Bandai's Moderators, but I'm glad that even the "haters" so to speak love my writing style. Next Month's Article series will be entitled "The Elite Four." I'll leave it to your imagination to figure out what that series will be about.

Also, we are now one month away from the release of Capcom's "Super Street Fighter 4." For those of you readers who play the game on the X-Box 360, myself as well as Bandai Poster "Saitsuofleaves" will be hosting a midnight release game session for the game. So for those of you who are getting the game and would like to talk Naruto CCG with me and Saitsu as well as have a little bit of fun, get online on April 27th @ 12:30 AM EST(30 minutes after the game's launch).

That's all for now people. Back to work ; ;

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'd love to participate in the launch but I wont be attending any midnight launches so no gaming session for me :/ . I'll hopefully be on that Tuesday or Wednesday though. As for your next series of articles I think it'll be either analysis/about the top 4 players or interviews with them.

Anonymous canti said...
If i get the midnight release of SSF4 i would be happy to join in some SSF4 and naruto talk. I will keep my fingers cross that i can afford it.

Blogger Shinfitz said...
A professional wrestler once told a coworker, "If you don't try everything in your power to help elevate the guys in the locker room, you're telling everybody that you're weak, you're a coward, and you're admitting that you couldn't hold your spot if the rest of the guys had a little more help."

Sort'a seems like what every player is saying when they don't want to reveal their deck list, but... to each their own.

By the way, I'd love to play some Super Street Fighter 4 with you guys. ^_^

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