Monday, March 1, 2010
The Price of Tobi
So I'm trying to gather some cards up before the big Chunin on the 21st and the first stop is to gather the easier cards first so I don't spend my time trying to get them all later. Today, I decided to try to acquire Tobi.

Pojo: Everyone that lists them has them valued as high (Almost like a mini-super rare).

Troll And Toad: Sold out. Price increase from $0.79 to $1.99 a copy.

Ideal808: None for sale.

Shuffle And Cut: For sale... at $8.41 a piece.

eBay: Foil Tobi for sale, auction ending in 2 days. $11.50 is the current bid with $2.99 shipping. A foil Tobi is worth $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS.

My Play Group/Friends: Andrew has none to spare at the moment. I have one. Josh, Alperz and the rest I don't know. Gary only has his three. FinalValkyrie has no extras to spare. Have yet to talk to Shino's Dad or Thayli yet but I'm hoping they can fix me up with some.

Even though it probably is happening (which it should) Bandai needs to Platinum this guy post haste. And they need to ship them out now. Cause there is a huge demand for them in the metagame and not having them is a huge deal. It's like not having access to Inherits back in Set 4. . . you really want me to go to a Chunin without 3?

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Blogger FinalValkyrie said...
I told you I could get you some in exchange for some Hinata foils. Which you still need to get back to me on! I have a ton of local kids who don't know the value of anything.

I dunno if they will Platinum Tobi, they never Platinum'd Shino IW or LAR.

Anonymous Megamarik said...
They've never made platinums of any rare.

Anonymous Mike Alpers said...
Yo! I have two coming in the mail (foil) and I am working on three more in trades. Also, I just ordered a case, so hopefully we get some more then too.

I will let you guys know ASAP on the results.

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