Wednesday, March 3, 2010
March Rogue List Thoughts

Miroku at 1
Baki at 1
Snake Waves at 1

Nothing really unexpected coming out of this rogue list update - but there were a few things I would have liked to see. For example, I really would have preferred LAR and JLDC to go back down to 1 in order to level the playing field between elements (since Water got greatly powered down by losing Snake Waves).

Another situation that was perfect for this rogue list was a "test case" banning. I doubt anyone would have cared (in a financial sense) if Snake Waves got banned in Block Format (rather than restricted). Restricting Snake Waves just means someone's going to get sacked eventually in some sort of skill-less manner. Banning Snake Waves would have acknowledged that this type of effect should not exist at all (unless it's something like Requirements: Fourth Hokage and Gamabunta). Furthermore, it sets a precedent for getting troublesome commons/uncommons out of the environment.

But at least they took that stupid sack deck out of the environment... although I don't think I ever lost a match to it, it was annoying as hell. Miroku going to 1 was also great, but again, that's another card I would prefer to not exist at all.

Baki going to 1 just turns him into a ridiculously swingy sack card. How many games are going to end up "I split up my ninjas and swung to set up the kill next turn... but then he topdecked 1-of Baki and I was wrecked?"

I can understand the SRs getting restricted, as they have monetary value attached to them. But all of these mistakes in card design... can't we just get rid of them?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
10k was errattad to Requirements: Orochimaru, so yes it was just like you said it needed to be in order to exist.

Blogger Shino's Dad said...
(Response to prior comment)
Except for the part where a Water deck that wants to resolve 10K Snakes as a win condition Will do so on Turn 3 if they have their deck properly built to do it. The sole purpose of the Deck is to resolve the jutsu on the earliest possible Turn, and maximize BRs when doing so. With stuff like x3 Tobi, x3 Anko, x3 Oro (Child), x3 Oro [Recon], x3 Ninja Info Cards, etc, it cannot be avoided this Meta. So, the card was still rediculous.

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