Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Suggestion: How to Help the Curve + (Bonus?)
So based on everyone being all riled up over the Topside thing, perhaps I might have to start marketing a new t-shirt.

Just think about it!

"Free Topside!" T-Shirts!

We can sell them @ $15 and make some cash with which the crew can then use to upgrade our streaming equipment (this stuff is not cheap) and travel to various Jumps and cover them. Brilliant idea isn't it?


. . .

. . .

. . .


(Disclaimer: I'm not actually serious here. If you actually think I am... you're just being ridiculous).

The actual point of this post was that I wanted to take the time to use this space to talk about a few things, specifically Tylar's Corner (1/31/12).

Is it about Topside?


Well then what is it about?

Well... who knows? Maybe allanime will put this in his "review" thread at the end of the night?

Anyways, our last 2 previews hopefully don't disappoint! I wonder what they could be...

Tag ya later Bandai!


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Blogger Shino's Dad said...
I actually want to do this though... =(

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