Wednesday, June 29, 2011
TPC Tournament Pack 3 Exclusive Preview #2
As I'm sitting here waiting for Bandai's next Void preview to show up to verify if the rumors are true, I decided I'd upload my own Void preview.

Continuing with the "Money Style" theme, we have a card that's sure to make a much bigger splash in Unlimited and Pre-Rotation than Post-Rotation, that's fore sure. It also helps answer some of the outcries in recent months about the game not having any real solid Client support. So with that in mind, here is

"Money Style: 'Help Me' Jutsu!"

For what it does, it's pretty good, but it really only shines in Lightning, Earth, and Wind...the elements that don't already have a turn 1 Tutor in Makeout Tactics. I like that it draws a card for each client in play but realistically, the game has so few clients that are good, especially block clients, it's hard to justify playing this and reliably draw 2 or 3.

The obvious combo is to use the Tournament Pack 1 Iruka to tutor the Client you really want and then break even next turn by grabbing a second client. As I said, perhaps the best use of this card would be in Unlimited in perhaps something like Animals where Emi, Hikaru, and Michiru are likely to be played in the same deck.

Perhaps the best thing about this card is probably that since this is a relatively new card that supports clients, it means that perhaps that client support will be around the corner in relative sets. Tylar did say something about Set 24 or Set 25 reviving an old mechanic in a new way so perhaps Clients will finally be a big deal. Or maybe not. Who knows?

I'm really curious as to what people do with this card, especially in the Unlimited tournament for GenCon this year. The card reads as good but in actuality, there's very little that can be done with it. Get cracking boys and girls! I wanna see some innovation!

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