Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Potential 1K+ Tournament, Sponsored by "The Perfect Curve" & SJC 2010 Champion Squee
Want to test your skills for GenCon against some of the best? Want to win a decent amount of cash and prizes on the side as well? Then what you need to do is get to Morristown, NJ on July 23rd, 2 weeks before Gencon, and test your skills in The Perfect Curve's first sponsored tournament

What It Is?
Squee and Andrew came across a gentlemen who noticed them play testing for GenCon at a remote location and asked if the game was a good tournament game and offered his services to lend us use a venue if we ever wanted to host a tournament. Considering there aren't many high caliber tournaments anymore for this game, we decided this is the perfect idea and opportunity to not only provide great play testing experience for GenCon to the player base, but start a series of tournaments that may be run quarterly, to provide high level competition for new players wanting to get into the game competitively as well as test the skills of even the most hardened veterans of the game.

What It Is Not
It is not a scam. The man runs a legit business and you can find his information at the following link.

The venue is also a pretty established one.

How do I know it's not a scam? This is the same venue that is used to run East Coast Throwdown, a professional fighting game tournament that's backed by Evolution. Good enough for pro organizations to run their tournaments at? Good enough for us.

This is also not a money grab. The venue fee is standard for most high level events for any game that is played competitively/seriously. In addition, prize structure is set to be favorable to players and not the people running the event.

Date & Location

July 23rd
Hyatt Headquarters Plaza (Terrace Ballroom)
3 Speedwell Ave
Morristown NJ, 07960

As I said before, this is the location used for East Coast Throwdown, a fighting game tournament I will be attending this weekend. I will upload pictures for everyone at weekend's end so you can actually see what the venue looks like where we will be hosting this event.

Start time has not yet been discussed but you can expect signups to start between 9 AM and 10 AM (depending on when the venue opens). If it opens before 9, start ups will start at 9 and round 1 will start at 10 AM. Otherwise, round 1 starts at 11 AM. Please make sure you are on time. Deck lists will be required and checked.

Entry Fees, Format, & Prizing
$10 Venue Fee. This is the minimum amount of money to enter the if you want to spectate games, this is the minimum you will be paying.

$10 Entry Fee. This is the amount of money you will be paying to actually play in the tournament. This money is used as as the "Pot" for payouts to the winners.

Format: Block Format, Swiss Tournament, with a Top 8 Cut. A Top 16 cut will be prepared if the amount of people requires it.

Prizing: At the moment, the prizing is set as such and is subject to change and open to debate

-1st Place: 50% of the pot
-2nd Place: 20% of the pot
-3rd Place: 10% of the pot
-4th Place: 10% of the pot

The last 10% is used to compensate judges for their time and effort. Asking them to judge the entire floor for a whole day and compensate them with a decent lunch/dinner seems pretty fair.

Additional Prizing: TBD

There are talks of Chunin level prize support from Bandai in the works. In addition, there may be uncut sheets as well.

Closing Comments
We are really hoping that this tournament takes off, is run smoothly, and has a lot of players so that we may host another one in Q4 of 2011 (maybe). With your support this can be a huge success and we can do more of these in the future.

In order for this tournament to be run smoothly we need a minimum of 32 Players. There is no maximum. Please confirm if you are coming to this in the following thread or at least express interest:

Bandai Thread

If this venue has Wi-Fi, there will be a live stream hosted by TPC.

Lastly, the following people are not allowed to participate in this event as players:
Patrick O'Neill (Tsu Kiyo Me)
Eric Melone (Squee)
Andrew Kardis (Zero)

We're hosting it. Who else is going to run it?

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Blogger Ross134 said...
I would have loved to be a part of this had I been on the east coast. That said, hope this turns out extremely well for you.

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