Monday, March 7, 2011
Some People on Bandai Need to Read This
I came across this thread on my lunch break today. It's actually a pretty important concept. And I realize that yes, this article is written about Street Fighter, but honestly, it can be applied to anything.

You Get Better At The Game By Playing The Game

The moral of the story?

Play the game.

Don't log onto Bandai anytime you THINK something is broken and complain about it. Instead, you should spend your hard earned time to try to counter the same cards and tactics you're losing to. Find what works, discard the rest. People on the boards spend more time complaining and speculating than actually playing the game.

If you don't play the game, you won't get better at the game.

Theory crafting only gets you so far. Actually sitting down, sleeving up the cards in said "theory" and trying it out against other players will yield results.

Basically, get up off your @$$ and do something about it. Hydro Pump isn't broken. You're just too lazy and give up far too easy to find a way to deal with it. Sit down. Shut up. Shuffle up. Play. And if after weeks of hardcore testing, having exhausted every element and card combination, you still can't beat said broken card, then it's time to open up negotiations with Bandai.

Until then, stop crying.

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Blogger Josh said...
While we're on the subject of Street Fighter, there's always this classic:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
There aint much a well-placed comp strength doesn't fix.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hydro Pump is broke as fuck.


Anonymous yodaz said...
I'm not sure any jutsu has been broken since the game came out, but this is deff the most if not one of the most powerful that we have seen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
why didn't you say this about sasuke state 2. You're biases are too obvious in this game

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just used the franchise tag on Josh.


Blogger Josh said...
We talkin' bout practice!


Also @ anon Sasuke fanboy: you didn't see the months-long metagame where there was no real answer to Water?

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