Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Update Roundup for 2/22/11
I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I kind of had my primary computer break so all I really have is this backup work computer which is a complete hassle to use due to it's crappy speed (less than 1 GHz Processor).

Just to fill you guys in, here's what's planned for the next week or two:

-The Rest of the Element Reviews (Lightning will be coming in the next day or two, Nick will be doing the Water element, I'll be reviewing Wind, and Andrew may or may not do Earth... if he doesn't I will).

-Article discussing the topic of why Gallant Sage is one of the most successful sets in the game's history and what Bandai did right and wrong with the set (Essentially a report card for Bandai).

-A Year In Review - Looking back at the Perfect Curve's first year

-Perhaps another contest to celebrate our (belated) birthday

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Blogger WizKid said...
So uhh where's the new articles?

Blogger Limstella said...
seriously, what happened?!

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