Thursday, January 27, 2011
TPC Set 20 Preview #2

Well, this is my first preview since Tylar implemented his "preview quality standards" for Set 20. I must say, I have to agree with them. Zero's review of that Deidara was quite unfair to all the potential that card had and was far from comprehensive. With that in mind, let's analyze this lovely preview.

First of all, this card has requirements of an entrance cost of 4 or more. That means you must use a ninja with entrance cost of 4 or more to cast it. Not three! Not two! Four! (Five also works) That means Aoba Yamashiro can't use it, but Arashi Fuma can. This is an important thing to remember if you are running this card in vanilla Lightning.

Secondly, this card targets one ninja on the battlefield. This means that this can only target ninjas on the battlefield. That Sasuke State 2 in your opponent's reinforcement deck? Untargetable. That Zetsu peeking at you from the battle rewards? Untargetable. This is an important thing to remember if your IQ is equal to or lower than Amir Abboushi's.

Next, let's analyze this card's effect. This card gives one damage to the target. This means that it gives exactly one damage to the target. So if their ninja is healthy, it will injure it. If their ninja is injured, it will kill it. This is an important thing to remember if you don't know the rules of the game.

An additional interesting note about this effect is that it has an expert effect! Simply put, this means that if used by the ninja listed in the expert clause (Kidomaru State 2), this card will deal 1 additional damage! This means that it now deals exactly two damage to the target. So if their ninja is healthy, it will kill it. If their ninja is injured, it will kill it. Now even if you are confused about how the game works, just remember to use Fierce Rip with Kidomaru State 2 and the outcome will be the same no matter what. Convenient, huh?

Now originally I thought there was only one ninja that could become an expert of this card (the upcoming State 2 Kidomaru in Set 20). This created an interesting dilemma, as that State 2 Kidomaru requires the sacrifice of a State 1 Kidomaru. Unfortunately, there are currently exactly zero State 1 Kidomarus legal for Block-format play. Don't let this become an obstacle in your quest to become an expert of Fierce Rip however! I recommend the use of a Sharpie to "level up" those pesky State 0 Kidomarus to enable sacrifice. Elite-caliber tournament player protip: if your opponent doesn't catch an illegal game state/your blatant cheating, the game state stands as is. This is important to remember if you are attending a tournament that Alex Bykov or Andy Do is judging.

But professional-level tournament strategy aside, there actually is another Kidomaru that you can use to expertly play this card! N-460 Kidomaru can actually gain the State 2 status simply by being deployed through the use of ambush! Of course, N-460 Kidomaru has the annoying side effect of having that miserable entrance cost of 3, so it can't actually use the jutsu. But with handy cards like N-939 Advisor of the Sand as well as the many cards that turn your ninjas into "Sand" or "Leaf" ninjas, N-460 Kidomaru will be able to fully utilize the capabilities of Fierce Rip. This is important to remember if your primary source of cards is the dumpster behind your local card shop.

Remember, the real American hero GI Joe once said, "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle." Well, pardon me if I plagiarize, but now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Now you too are an "Expert" of Spider Bow: Fierce Rip! I just hope you have an entrance cost of four or more, ha ha ha.

Until next time,
<3 Josh

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Blogger Zero said...
State 1 kido was shown as an alt art. Also, Andy gave us the previews, Not tylar, so trying to shove it in Tylar's face isn't exactly going to work here.

But yeah, fierce rip is pretty bad.

Blogger Josh said...
You are assuming that I pay attention to these minor details. :P

Anonymous Dymos said...
I must say that this review is the greatest review of anything i've ever seen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
O ma gawd! finally a playable jutsu to use with my Rock Lee/Neji squad!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
All I got from this is that Tylar is butthurt that a preview god a bad review.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I luld hard

Anonymous Anonymous said...
When I read the line about Amir I thought to myself I bet Josh wrote this


Anonymous Anonymous said...
There's more than 2 Kidomaru's that can use this jutsu. Power of State 2 gives all sound 4 ninja (cards) State 2.

Blogger Josh said...
Again, you're assuming I pay attention to these minor details.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My review of "Tale of Gallant Jiraiya" was still better

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