Thursday, January 27, 2011
Throwing Down the Gauntlet: The Race to 9 Alternate Arts
After today's preview and alternate art card was shown, Jason McGlenn (FinalValkyrie) has challenged me a contest. A contest that I'm sure I'm going to be able to win. . . so I'm reaching out to the community for help.

The Challenge: Race to 9 Alternate Arts

The Participants: Tsu vs. FV

Winning Conditions:
-Final Valkyrie is the first person to get 9 Hinata Hyuga (Awakened) Alt Art Cards


-Tsu Kiyo Me is the first person to get to 9 Sakura Haruno [The Dance of Sakura] Alt Art Cards


-Both Parties Give Up

Jason has stated that he's pretty much not going with the 3rd one and has basically called me out saying I won't be able to finish the challenge before him.

I'm willing to offer the following to you guys to help me beat Jason
-Play Mats
-Super Rares
-Andrew Kardis Favors
-Featured Segments/Spots on The Perfect Curve (to what degree will be discussed later. Nothing too outlandish)
-"Tsu Kiyo Me Is Your Servant" Day (1 day during GenCon, I will do whatever you ask. . . WITHIN REASON!)

Please please please help me win this competition! ;_;

It's going to take almost everything I have to win it, but I want to win so badly!


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Blogger Josh said...
Or more like I get 9 of each and then auction them off to the highest bidder.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
u win. FV will never be able to fight off the epic swarm of hinata fans.

On another note FV will not be able to fight off ME! I can lift two decks of cards at once, no joke! I once fought a bear claw and won. THEN ATE IT!

FV...u ain't got no pancake mix! U goin down!!!

-Lord "the Bear Claw" Cowman III

Anonymous Mega said...
FV will never win.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'll help you out Tsu as long as I get my card back after the contest is done. Sakura fans unite!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pat I'll help you get that Sakura, it will be hard to get off me!


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