Tuesday, January 25, 2011
The Perfect Curve Set 20 Preview #3 - "Karin's Anger"
It's Water week on Bandai, so to go with the themes shown on Bandai, we have a discard preview for you.

Like last set, we got a broken Karin Ninja and a broken Suigetsu Mission. This time around we get a broken Suigetsu Ninja and a . . . well a not so broken Karin Mission.

It's my guess that Bandai's general theme is for the next few sets is to have a "X's Y" theme. First was "Suigetsu's Joy", now I give you "Karin's Anger!"

As a clarification for those of you who are having trouble understanding exactly what it does:

Target 1 of your Ninjas. Then select your Hand and discard X cards from it OR select your Chakra and discard X cards from it. Then place X+1 Ninja blade tokens on the card. The target gets +X/+X for the duration of the mission.

For example, you discard 4 chakra and target your in play Karin. Your Karin gets +4/+4 for the next 5 turns.

It's a cute card and it is far from bad, but I personally think it won't see any real play unless there's a card that requires tons of cards to be discarded quickly. A pump effect in Water is really awkward, and after following Suigetsu's Joy, it's just not up to snuff for the same theme. The real weakness of the card comes from the fact that it's simply a permanent mission. You pay 8 chakra to get a huge Ninja, and your opponent just blows it up with Friendship from Sorrow or one of the other million forms of permanent destruction and mission negation.

Of course I could be wrong and someone could break the card, but its not likely.

Until then, I'm just going to ponder what the Jugo card is going to be for Set 21, and the Sasuke one that will inevitably come in Set 22 to finish the collection.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
so basically it needs my favorite card back in the day to come back...



-Lord Cowman III

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So...this and the sasuke plus having Karin and suigetsu on field...

Plus the vessel mission. Seems solid to me

Anonymous Anonymous said...
u mad?

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