Monday, December 13, 2010
NJ Kage Final Standings
Here are the final standings for the NJ Kage held at All Things Fun!

Congratulations to Nick Brady for your win and the title of "Kage!"

More NJ Kage Pictures and videos will be posted here throughout the day as I get around to uploading them.

The NJ Kage had roughly 55 players. Here's what it looked like in the middle of round 4 or so.

Two of my buddies, Andrew and Brad, slug it out.

Here is your top 8, playing on Day 2

Scott (Genre) playing against Brandyn (Sasuke of the Desert) in Top 8

Scott playing against Nick in the Finals of the NJ Kage



Interview with Thayli after Top 8 Match

WATCH IN HD! 720P CAMERA PHONE FTW!!! (Seriously, I'm damn impressed with how good this came out for it being shot from my phone)

NJ Kage 2010 Finals - Genre vs. Nick Brady (Game 3, Part 1)

NJ Kage 2010 Finals - Genre vs. Nick Brady (Game 3, Part 2)

Special thank you to Thomas from 2EZForums for allowing the tail end of the match to finish recording.

Congratulations to everyone again who made it to the Top 8!

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Anonymous Jama said...
Thanks for the updates and coverage!

Congrats to all who topped and Nick for the win.

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