Monday, November 15, 2010
Tentative Schedule & Open Forum
Here is the Tenative Schedule for the Perfect Curve for the next month or so:

-November 15th-22nd: Discussions on Path of Pain testing, meta, and TP2 previews.
-November 24th "The Perfect Curve Thanksgiving Podcast Special"
-December 1st - 18th - "The Perfect Curve Holiday Contest!"
-December 11th-12th - "All Things Fun!" event coverage posted live from round to round via smart phone. Video coverage/live stream pending.
-December 18th-19th "The Perfect Curve Christmas Party" - Footage of casuals, video games, cubing, partying and potentially a podcast to celebrate the holiday season.

Open Forum

Just wanted to, without names, throw some things out there and get them off my chest that have been bugging me

-Water. It's not fun to play. It's not fun to play against. Sasuke (State 2) makes for an incredibly boring format.

-Void. Aside from God Realm, I haven't had much success with the deck. Basically, it just seems too mediocre.

-Earth. Will probably win a lot of matches this upcoming format. Not because it's good. No, that's not it at all. It'll win simply because most games end with the turn marker ending well past turn 30. Enjoy your 50 minute rounds.

-Lightning. Toads is a sack deck. Taijutsu is not. Toads is the obvious play for Lightning.

-Kabutops. Why are you so good in everything BUT Water? *rages*

-Tsunade from TP2. Why does everyone think this card is good? It's unique and definitely better than the other "Slug" tutor but does anyone actually think this will see play outside of them printing another "Slug" Ninja? :/

-Shizune from TP2. "When this Ninja is put in play, pick up a 'Kick of Anger' Jutsu from your discard pile because there isn't anything else worth being picked up, at least at the time of this preview."

-Haters. Why are you still posting on Bandai about how they're doing a terrible job with the game? I feel your entire existence on the website is simply to troll and nothing more. If you want to complain, go over to Thomas's Awesome Website. That way all the complaining can be consolidated into one thread rather than shitting up an entire forum. I'd say make the thread on Bandai but that would just result in a ban for the topic creator. . . so instead use Thomas's awesome playground. Regardless of what I say though, it isn't going to stop people from making the Bandai forums terrible. It isn't going to stop people from negging my articles because they think I'm some kind of Bandai White Knight. It is going to stop people from going to 2EZ Forums though.

-Josh. Negging me cause I didn't mention you in my article? Seriously? I was intended to give you your own in early December. Come on man. . . why the hate? :/

-Card Makers. Judging takes a lot longer than I thought it would. I apologize profusely if I gave you some off scores (especially in the Text Category). I'm still new at the whole judging point system . . . it really needs a better rubric. Srsly.

-TP2. If I don't get a box of this this time, I'm going to flip. There was no TP1 in my area. I'll rage if there is no TP2 in my area.

-Gary. Shotgun TP2. You had your Chibi cahds. Mah turn now.

-I haven't had a haircut in over 10 weeks.

-I haven't shaved in 2 weeks.

-I look like a hobo.

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Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
I love how I said "Without Names" then called out Gary and Josh. I'm an idiot sometimes. Ha ha ha!

Anonymous Matthew Low said...
Pat as a hobo? Pics or it didn't happen.

... Actually scratch that, I don't want pics.

People complaining is something I've just gotten used to. It's stupid yes, but there's always something people don't like. I just learn to ignore it.

And obviously, if anyone negs your articles they have no idea what good writing is, outside of some proofreading necessary.

Anonymous Jama said...
I didn't expect a whole lot from Void since they're just introducing it. That's not to say I expect it to be great with the next set.

I dislike playing/playing against Earth. Games are a drudgery. I'd rather play my Lightning "sack deck" and try for a quick win than play 1.25 games per round with my Earth deck.

I totally agree about the Tsunade; the PoP one is much better.

As to the haters, *shrug* I'd rather just ignore 'em.

Blogger Josh said...
I neg everyone who doesn't mention me.

Gotta be fair, y'know.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
TA is the lightning deck to play imo

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Earth is indeed a problem. Honestly they need to just get it over with and make a void mission that says "The battle reward areas cannot be effected by effects" and just add it as a Tournament promo *rolls eyes*

Lord Cowman III

Anonymous VSA said...
I preemptively shotgun'd TP2 months ago. Nice try Pat.

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