Monday, November 8, 2010
Shonen Jump Championship? Surely you jest! Why, All Things Fun is clearly the best!
Last season Ed Evans, owner of All Things Fun, was offered the first ever Shonen Jump Championship of the season. He turned it down for the Battle Spirits Core Championship with the promise that in the future he would get a Shonen Jump Championship.

A few days ago, a rumor surfaced that there was possibility that the off season ends in late December.

After talking with MJM, we decided one of us should ask when the December Chunin is for All Things Fun. This was the conversation on the phone:

"Hey, when is the December Chunin for All Things Fun?"

"We haven't scheduled one yet. And at the moment we don't have any plans to schedule one."


"Because we may be getting another tournament instead."


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Anonymous Megamarik said...
So many questions arise. And, of course we all hope that a SJC will appear on the off season to make it not so off.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why T^T They had so much potential and they chose...Battle Spirits????

-Lord Cowman III

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh if this is true I'm pretty sure my store is out of the running since our Chunin is this Sunday but hopefully if we get a big turn out we can get a spring/summer SJC. I dont think the new can hold 70 people but the gaming area alone is as big as the old place


Anonymous Anonymous said...
MJM said...

This is the truth, I called.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well it could be taken a lot of different ways. But if Winter Jumps are legit then the chance is very very good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Maybe that why omni didn't get a chunin. Lulz @ CT jump.


Blogger Ross134 said...
I picture this blowing up in ATF's face and you guys getting another low key BS tournament. So don't get your hopes up.

And why they would choose BS over the SJC is beyond me...

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