Thursday, October 14, 2010
Zero Blurbs: Why is it so difficult to come out with a good rogue list?

If you haven't checked yet, you bandai put up the new Block format Rogue List. Seriously? It's like despite how much better they get at designing and developing, they are still physically unable to produce a very simple list that won't cause some kind of riot, but still effectively balance the format. Don't get me wrong, I love Bandai (Admittedly it's kind of a love hate relationship) and I think they have gotten much better at designing and development, but times like this make me question if they use common sense when putting together these lists. Anyway, let's go over the new changes to the list:

-Water Style Furious Current Jutsu: In my honest opinion the card should have always been banned in my opinion, since it's pretty ridiculous in your opening hand, and very difficult to play around. Going to one was fine, since it decreased the chance of drawing it in the first few turns, but it's still a pretty obnoxious when some one sacks its in their opener, so I fully support removing a bit of the luck factor from the game by banning this card.

-Giant Ninja Toad: What. The. Ef. So this is what I was talking about when I mentioned Bandai's lack of common sense. They just restricted a card that only sees play because he gets pulled from your deck and played on turn "way to early" via Summoning Jutsu. The result: You can still play Summoning Jutsu early and wreck your opponent with Giant Ninja Toad, because you only ever needed one to begin with. Now, before Bandai responds "By restricing him, we prevent players from using Summoning jutsu twice to get Giant Ninja Toad and demolishing your field over the course of two turns." I must point out: If you had restricted Summoning Jutsu to one (You know, the problematic card) we wouldnt be able to Summoning Jutsu twice anyway.

-Sealing the Evil: So, this card probably should have hit the list last format, but never did so it's a little awkward that it's landed there now, but I think it's fine. Taking away the cheap removal in the format should make the format a little more tolerable.

-Chidori Stream: Come on. It's bad enough that you made a Sasuke that literally says "Just go get the board wipe thingy" but now that you acknowledge that stream is an issue (It wouldn't be on the list at all if you didn't feel that way) you put it to one instead of banning it. You made a card that searches it. That same card can play it. That card can also be tutored like five different ways. Seriously? What logic went behind this decision? And I don't want to hear anything like "We didn't ban it cause we were afraid the target promos would stop selling" cause thats bull in my opinion. The target promos are all playable to begin with, have amazing artwork, and come at an incredibly affordable price. On top of that, the Sasuke has a billion (Maybe not a billion) different targets he can grab, including the new water Chidori, so I highly doubt people would forget him, or even stop playing him just because Stream was banned.

-Exposing the Hideout: Is fine at one. People wont build around the concept of dropping into play Katsuyu or other random six plus drops if they only have a small chance of drawing the card early. It allows the card to be played, but not abused I think, so I'm fine with it going to one.

-Fear by Genjutsu: Why is this card NOT at three, it doesn't even see much play outside of decks located outside of california (You guys put it in everything, don't lie). I feel kind of weird arguing this, because I have no intention of ever playing the card unless I suddenly had the urge to play Dogs, but I'm just tired of Bandai encouraging the illusion that Fear is "Too good", justifying to the ridiculous price tag on online stores.

In retrospect, Bandai didn't do an "Awful" job with the list, but I just feel like this list was easy mode. There were three major cards that defined the previous format, Exposing, Stream, and Summoning. All they had to do was make them all less overwhelming by decreasing their consistency, which they did with Exposing, but completely failed to do with both Summoning Jutsu and Chidori Stream. By failing to touch two of the three best decks, all they did was widen the gap between those decks and the rest of the format. All I can say is that I'm glad the 4th quarter is going to be unlimited format.

Feel free to let me know wether you agree or disagree and why in the comments bellow.

-Andrew Photobucket

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I disagree with one thing, and that is that I don't think every Chunin will be unlimited. As much as I play Unlimited AND Block, I would much rather keep Chunin or higher tournaments with the Block format. I can't remember where I heard it, but I think Unlimited should not be more than the side format. There are so many killer decks that Bandai didn't hit, and they are going to flood the Unlimited format. If I wanted to play with all the cards ever (sans a laundry list of cards that are deemed "out of style" by desk jockeys who really only play games with each other), I would play Yu-Gi-Oh.

Other than the point about Unlimited format, I agree with you completely.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why are you saying that 4th quarter is gonna be Unlimited?

Blogger Zero said...
I didn't mean ALL 4th quarter would be unlimited, however the ones I intend on attending are most likely going to be unlimited. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Exposing is not ok at 1.

It still allows exposing baki/hiruko/CBF/first hokage lucksacks.

Hell even an exposing asuma can be pretty nasty early game.

Anonymous Deess said...
Fear would become basically fire and winds "Water current" Which it was when it was at three. Then Teamed with Yakumo it was a bit OP. to be able to hit a team for a damage then standbye for rewards. Or block and injure a team with a 1 drop ninja.

What are your thoughts on Kakashi TA, Kono ninja Squad and Biscuit all going to (2). I support those cards being limited.

Blogger Zero said...
So, Exposing itself was never really a problem until the BR manipulation theme came out and allowed players to throw cards like Katsuyu and stuff into the Battle Reward area to exposing out. With Exposing limited to 1, people will no longer build around the card, making it much weaker and less reliable. Luck sacking a current and exposing are very differen't, since current on 1 Is always brutal, but without set up, or a big target, exposing isn't really amazing. Exposing at 1 is fine.

Fear will never be on the power level of current. Unless a Genjutsu ninja uses it, it pretty much does nothing outside of giving aggro decks some reach. When it was at 3, it only ever was used heavily in one jump, and pretty much fell off the face of the earth for the rest of the season before it was limited. I don't really see why it needs to be restricted, when the only deck that really benefits from playing it doesn't even have great showings.

I honestly haven't played enough with/against True allies to really determine wether they need to get hit, but when everything is tutorable I dont see restricting Kakashi as an effective method of stopping him if he is too powerful. Kono and biscuit are fine for now in my eyes.

Anonymous Deess said...
My mistake, supposed to say the kono nin squad errata to being deployed. That card is completely overpowered with its mental and its protective ability n growth n draw 1.

I haven't had much trouble against true allies decks but I still notice all the problems begin when kakashi sits on the field.

Biscuit is not fine in my opinion, I would love an errata to him to have to have 3 ninjas to match one of his symbols (not and/or) or if you have 2 more or ninja dogs he can use his effect, it would make him more dog specific, less splashable and make it harder to just throw him in any fire or lightning deck as a super stall.

Blogger Josh said...
Only SoCal uses FBG. The card sucks and is bad.

Anonymous Kunoalpha said...
Only bad players in socal use fbg at chunnins, because they see a fbg as the best answer to an fbg.

Rasengan, Giant Ninja toad, and Sealing The Evil are much more effective than pushing a team back.

Removal > Standby

Anonymous Hiei_zero(bruce) said...
Then only thing I disagree with is GNT. They should have just banned him. With summoning and Gamakichi hes just a little to good too consistantly. Considering I played toads without summoning at Gencon and he was hands down the best card in my deck with out a consistant way to search him i feel they should have just removed him from format. Summoning is only ridiculous based on the ninjas you can get with it so removing the effective removal portion
And yes seriously why didn't they just ban Stream....

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