Friday, October 22, 2010
The Perfect Curve "Path of Pain" Preview #6 - "Seriously, Down X Spam is Such BS!"
I'm Andrew!

Okay, no I'm not. Andrew was supposed to have the privilege of unveiling our last, and arguably best, preview for Set 19 "Path of Pain."

However, because this week is Midterms for him @ college, he's been booked up and has been unable to get around to talking about all the fun findings and combos with the card.


I'm here to deliver the last preview, just in time for the final Taijutsu theme preview to hit Bandai in today's featured article (also written by me).


There's your finale for the combo! Interesting, no? The entire combo relies on drawing a bunch of Jutsu cards into your hand, then sending the whole hand to the bottom of the deck to win 10+ Battle Rewards in one shot. The only problem now is trying to figure out what's the best way to accomplish this.

Rather than rehash and rewrite several pages of work, I'll go into more depth over the card in today's Bandai article "The Lotus Loop", which features the last Set 19 Taijutsu card.

Oh and one last thing. The contest advertised at the end of "The Lotus Loop" is coming soon. I know it says that it'll be up by today but the staff has hit a snag and won't be able to get to it for a few days. It was my understanding that we'd be able to give the go ahead for our second contest but we haven't yet figured out what we want to do for it. I can assure you though that the prize is most definitely a "Sakura Haruno Meijin Mat" as well as a 1st Edition copy of "Hirkuo [Impatient]"

Stay tuned for details on how to win our second Mini-Contest here at The Perfect Curve! Until then, please keep submitting your entries for our "Create a Sakura Haruno & Ino Yamanaka Squad/Reinforcement" contest. We'll choose one lucky winner before Halloween to win an entire set of Target promos!

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Anonymous Megamarik said...
Glad I kept my JLTH's.

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
I'm sad that I sold all of mine. HA HA HA!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have my playset still =D should be a fun deck

-Lord Cowman III

Anonymous Daniel-san said...

Here's the combo we've been waiting for!

This set made taijutsu alot more fun to play :P

Blogger Joseph said...
I still wish I could have sold my jlths...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
By sold you mean you got 50 cents a piece from troll and toad right?


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