Sunday, October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween! Have this Podcast!
Happy Halloween everyone! Hopefully your teeth have all rotted from all the sweets you've been eating. Or in my case, hopefully you've recovered from a massive weekend of partying.

Anyways, here's our podcast! Sorry that there's no intro (which Andrew is going to be sad about because well. . . he worked hard on it) but Skype received some fatal error while we were recording so it's gone. No seriously. Random red screen popped up in the middle of recording and *poof* Nick got booted, I got control of the chat instead of Andrew, and the recording stopped and became corrupted. So . . . enjoy the second half! You didn't miss anything other than the sweet sounds of Andrew's voice and us screaming about how we hate people who don't realize how good The Third Hokage is.

The Perfect Curve Halloween Special!

Edit: New Podcast Link since other has exceeded bandwith

The Perfect Curve Halloween Special! (Mirror)

The Podcast Contains:
-Review of our opinions on certain Supers in the Set
-Thoughts on the new Rule Changes
-Top 10 Scariest/Creepiest Naruto Cards
-Announcing the Winner of our first mini-contest
-7 Preview Cards

Edit: Scott, shoot us an email with your contact info so I may send you your prize.

Here are our previews from the podcast (Although I realize Sakura & Kick of Anger were previewed today). Pictures now in MUCH Higher Resolution (as per request)

N-971 Naruto Uzumaki (Taijutsu)

J-758 Severe Leaf Hurricane

N-991 Sakura Haruno

J-767 Kick of Anger!

N-977 Jiraiya

N-985 Orochimaru

N-997 Tsunade

Tsunade's stats have been changed once again, this time being 8/3, 5/1.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Link isn't working for me :/

Any suggestions or fixes?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
^ This guy again

Thanks for the mirror :)

Blogger Shino's Dad said...
Just so you all know, the download link is the one all the way at the bottom of the page. Do not be fooled by the click potato ad at the top that says Download or Play.

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