Sunday, September 19, 2010
"So Naruto . . . You Came Too?"
I'm sure it has been posted on Bandai but here is the effect of Naruto & Sasuke Squad. SORRY BANDAI!!! ;_;

Here's the Naruto/Sasuke squad. Sorry the picture isn't the greatest.

If you can't read it:

Turn 5, Hand Cost 0
Leaf | Sound | Rogue Ninja | Genin | Clone Status | Sharingan Eye | Squad
[The Ultimate Jutsu]
When this Ninja is put in play, name a Jutsu
Valid: Jutsu cards with the selected name can be used by this Ninja without paying it's cost. (Requirements of the Jutsu card must still be met)

7/3, 8/0


Assume it will get errata'd to include "Male"

Anthony Verilli, the lucky winner, and first owner of the Squad.

NSFW-ish (Nick Botchis with his "first at NJ Chunin" face on)

Oh, and yes the title of this post is the flavor text on the card.

And yes I did win the NJ Chunin (sort of) with Exposing the Hideout (tied with Shino's Dad/Nick Botchis)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Botchis looks like the child molester devil.

Anonymous Deets said...
Hes seriously not wearing pants in that picture

Anonymous Anonymous said...
how can you tie at a chunin?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have that same Hen-tie shirt

Fakku! FTW

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