Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Fangs of the Snake Preview #FINAL - Toadally The Last One
For our final preview for Set 18, we have for you another Super Rare.

Well here's that +1/+1 for Toads Naruto I jokingly was asking for before. Sadly, it isn't on a turn 0 body, instead on a turn 3 body. This card is a most interesting one for the Toad deck indeed. Most toads have 2 support, so dropping him on 3 will most likely net you a bunch of 3 supporters as well as give your Gama 5 combat. While I would have liked for the card to add the Combination jutsu to your hand (and then force you to discard a card from your hand after you use it) I guess that would be too much to ask for since you could bombard the field with Jutsu in one EOJ. As of right now, like Gamariki, the card probably won't see any play upon release but with Set 19 and other future sets, this card has SERIOUS potential based on the Combination jutsu in those sets. Just imagine playing a team wiping Combination Jutsu on the block, resolving it, and your opponent knowing full well that you'll just draw into another one next turn. This card's design is nice in that respect because depending on what other cards come out for the deck, it can have some nice combo potential.

Here's to hoping it actually makes the cut one day.

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Blogger WizKid said...
Pretty cool card, decided to post here since everyone put it on Bandai.

I can see it seeing a lot of play personally. Looks like lightning has 3 viable archtypes.

TA, Toads, and whatever else people will make and call its own deck.

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