Monday, August 2, 2010
Fangs of the Snake Preview #9 - Funny How I Get Stuck With This One! ~ Tsu
Andrew came over last week. And Otakon happened. And we partied hard. And amongst the partying we got a phone call that was like "So when are you going to post the previews?" And I looked at Andrew and was like ". . . You never sent them to me."

And he looked at me and was like "Well you never asked nor did you water mark them."

Then there was silence for about 30 seconds.

Then we threw our hands up in the air and ran around in circles screaming for we had no way to access the internet to provide you with these previews.

My good friend Adam then offered us his laptop to get the job done. And then we had a brief snaffu that almost got us all in trouble due to other's incompetence. And then it happened again. And again. So please forgive us for being idiots and not getting this to you on time. At least we're delivering from home though, rather than jail. *grumbles*

This one is for all you Efficient Training nuts. The card effect and chakra cost are rather cheap but I will tell ya though, not being able to change the target is kind of aggravating. What holds the card back is the "Clone Status" requirement. Once again, please see the Efficient Training article posted on Bandai for necessary improvements to that deck type... I fear without some of those changes this card might get tossed by the way side, which is a shame because this seems like a fun combo card where you could string together multiple Jutsu. Byakugan spam anyone?

And for our other preview, we provide you again with yet another Toad~

Isn't it just beautiful? :D

Seriously though, Gamiriki is a strange fella. The stats aren't particularly outstanding but the effect more than makes up for it. When it comes into play . . . well you can read the card. Being able to pick up a Combination Jutsu with his effect is pretty good because for the most part, the Combination Jutsu are worth playing post rotation. The problem? There's not that many, and they're only for the Toad arch type. As time goes on, depending on the quantity, quality, and types of Combination Jutsu we'll see I can definitely see Gamiriki being a highly played card. For right now he probably ain't gonna see much play ... but he has amazing potential depending on what else is in Set 18 and/or Set 19 and beyond.

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