Friday, July 2, 2010
Testing for PA Shonen Jump Has Started
So, we started play testing for the PA Shonen Jump and we're hoping to meet many of you there.

But in all honesty, I'm not really all that into it right now. Why?

Well I'll be blunt and I'll let Andrew explain some of the finer points in a later post but in all honesty, I think this is shaping up to be the worst format in the game's history. I'm serious. As broken as some things have been in the past (APW, Ino, Gaara TN, Inherits) I can't really remember a time when the game was this well... unfun.

And it's all really thanks to a few cards that were released in Tournament Pack 1.

Okay well the main source of my anguish comes from the new Yamato. Have you guys actually played with it or played against it yet? Seriously, have you? Seriously...have you? No, seriously. . .HAVE YOU?

It's not fun to play with. It's not fun to play against.

The game is just not fun with that card in the format, along with a few other cards.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have used it and it is a very good card.

But the former Yamato is equally good, if not better. I don't feel that its ruining the format though.

Anonymous Deets said...
Don't lose hope just yet, Pat. I know firsthand now how good the damn thing is (it started to dawn on me late yesterday, then I played against it today). Still, its very early in testing time, a lot can change.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This format seems really good. I honestly dont think the Chibi pack did much at all. The meta seems to shape up to be Wind, Fire, Earth. I dont think anything in the chibi pack is going to impact the meta.


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