Wednesday, July 7, 2010
Set 18 - Fangs of the Snake - FIRST PREVIEW
Hello all!

Thanks to Hungry Ninja/Tylar, I'm very pleased to be able to bring you the first preview of the newest set for the Naruto CCG, Fangs of the Snake. The set is supposed to be designed to promote synergy for mono-colored decks as well as those with specific themes, and our preview card does just that.

For all you Taijutsu lovers, I give you Rock Lee!

Finally after months of asking, there's a Ninja that ties the SURGE mechanic into the effect, and it's my favorite character no less! Ha ha! Now I know a lot of people are probably thinking Eight Inner Gates might be better than this guy, in a Taijutsu deck this guy might be a little better for two reasons:

1. You can always count on when you'll get the 5/2 stats off of Rock, not just by fulfilling a condition

2. His effect allows him to be 5/2 on your opponent's turn which makes them incredibly reluctant to attack into you with something like Tracking Ninja turn 0.

While he's not the best card ever made, for a common, he's reasonably powerful. I think his playability depends largely on what other Taijutsu Ninja are in this set, any potentially new Jutsu (*crosses fingers for a GOOD Hidden Lotus*), and of course the effect of the upcoming Rock Lee & Gaara of the Desert squad. All in all, incredibly solid and I don't think many people will find too many problems with this now becomes a question of will everything around him fall into place to give him the chance to shine or will his training have been in vain, Guy-sensei?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
i just hope they keep the massive early game power to taijutsu (since its reasonable) and not ever element
i still remember the quote "we are looking to slow down the game" and the next week we see tracking nin

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am lead to believe that this is the closest we will get to Naruto [COP] for quite some time.

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