Friday, July 9, 2010
Fangs of the Snake Preview #3 - SEISHUN FURU PAWAA~!
Going right along with our Rock Lee theme from the other day we have MAITO GAI!

The first things you'll notice about Gai is he has retained his new "upgraded" stats of 6/0, 6/0. What you may or may not have noticed though is that he now has the SURGE ability as well as the Fire element, both welcome additions for a Ninja dealing with Pumps and an aggressive gameplay style. And on top of all of that he has a pretty awesome effect to boot. The problem? There's no real competitive way to get it to trigger all the time, thus making it almost a dead thing. At most, you'll get 5 surges off of Might Guy (2 other ones and 3 Afros). . . sadly if only he had the same effect text as Rock Lee tacked on.

However, I still remain confident that this Gai could see play if there's some mission support for him or other Ninja support for Taijutsu. I mean, having Sakura [Reliance] already makes him a 7, so you're halfway there.

Thank you once again Tylar for the preview.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Megamarik said...
100% Hot-Blooded + Sakura [Reliance]

Protection from Missions, Ninjas, and Jutsus.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
There are definitely a few key ways to boost this guy to an 8+ real easily.

We'll have to see! And his picture is Epic!

Blogger Luis said...
100% is falling off block. How are you getting mission protection?

Anonymous The_Sixth_Prong said...
This Guy uses Severe Leaf Hurricane like a champ.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Am I missing something? Can you just kunai or pump him with jutsus?

Anonymous Megamarik said...
Could always use

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