Monday, June 21, 2010
Tournament Pack #1 Preview

Our (final?) preview for Tournament Pack #1 is Shizune [Medical Kunoichi]. I wish I had an image but I never got one so just go to that Bandai card list and look it up if you've forgotten what she does...

In any case, Shizune is one of those cards that's nearly always going to be playable. In most cases, she's going to be a solid but unspectacular 1-of bringing threat diversity to that 4 drop slot. However, decks playing multiple copies of Sakura [Reliance] are going to love having Shizune in the format - while not quite as good as Haku/Futaba, Shizune/Sakura will create incremental advantage over time.

And she's not chibi, if anyone cares.

Tsu Edit to the Rescue~!


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Anonymous jousha said...
no chibi?!


jk. But yeah, she'll combo nicely with Sakura R once Shizton rotates out.

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