Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Question of the Day: How do you keep yourself entertained on long car rides?
It's only 11 days until Shonen Jump Georgia! And we here at the Perfect Curve will be arriving in style in the most fashionable mode of transportation possible: Squee's Car.

12~16 hour car ride.

Just the thought of it strikes fear into my heart. Now some of you may be asking yourself "Why on Earth is that so bad? I mean sure it gets cramped but you can stop and stretch."

12~16 hours.

In closed quarters.

With Andrew Kardis.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I won't survive. All the complaining coupled with his terrible music that he'll complain about if he can't listen to it. And me listening to my own music? Forget about it! Don't forget the sing-alongs to absolutely terrible oldies hits. It's just awful! So I ask you, faithful readers, for suggestions to save me.

The question of the day: What do you all do to keep yourself entertained on long car rides? Keep in mind I have no Nintendo DS however I do have a PSP so if someone wanted to recommend hand-held electronics, let me know.

In return I will give you the following pictures to get you in the Shonen Jump Championship Spirit!

Shonen Jump Championship Promos
Shonen Jump Championship Promo Sakura Haruno [True Allies]

It's now June 1st, so go get your copies of that Sakura now, found in Naruto Manga Volume 48! Keep in mind, Sakura is not legal until after Shonen Jump Georgia for any Naruto CCG events.

Oh and Andy, if you're at SJC Georgia, you're signing the Kakuzu ._.

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Blogger FinalValkyrie said...
We have a 7ish hour drive from Cinci to Atlanta.

Luckily Bruce and Dave rarely stop talking so we'll probably just have 7 hours of solid conversation.

But I DO have a PSP and a DS and I've been meaning to play through SMT: Strange Journey and Spirit Tracks again.

So there's that.

Blogger Josh said...
Kill Andrew and dump his corpse along the side of the freeway.

Blogger Vehn said...
I remember when I came up to NJ and met you at all things fun. In that like 6 hour car ride I played harvest moon for the psp straight. SOOO Much fun. The nostalgia bomb hit and I was hooked. So if you liked harvest moon as a kid, do it! If not find some game you did play forever ago and play it again.
Be sure to have a car plug in for your psp or system in general. IT WILL DIE. And of course don't forget earmuff/headphones!
Also sleeping is highly recommended. It makes the trip infinitely faster, just be sure they wake you up when they stop to eat!

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
Thanks Vehn, I appreciate it. I have Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the PSP. I got it for Christmas one year and I stopped playing it... which I don't know why since it's like my 2nd favorite game of all time. I'm thinking that might be the way to go, along with a car charge. I wonder if Squee will let me bring my car adapter for the laptop? That way I can watch anime as well.

Blogger elsherabraham said...
Bring a laptop that you can get skype on and playtest against me the whole ride...

MJM here...

Blogger Shino's Dad said...
All laptops will be used for my Hentai viewing pleasure. So decrees I.

Blogger FinalValkyrie said...
Also there's a plethora of downloadable PS1 games off the Playstation Network. May I suggest FF7, FF8, FF9, Wild ARMs 2, or Legend of Dragoon?

Blogger Tsu Kiyo Me said...
lolLegend Of Dragoon!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Screw Georgia SJC! Now who's going to SCJ AX'10?!

Maybe I can hitch a ride with Team Shadow to Georgia if they go...that'd be full of kewl...

Blogger Brandon said...
Legend of Dragoon is pretty damn win, but I'd suggest giving FF7: Crisis Core a shot if you haven't yet.

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