Wednesday, June 9, 2010
The Perfect Curve Tournament Pack Super Rare Preview - Slow Spoil Part 2
Since I'm busy tonight and I'm out of town for Shonen Jump Goergia the rest of the week, Christmas comes early for you guys...sort of. Just in time for those guys over at Naruto Shippuden Live to talk about for their podcast, we'll throw up the next part of our 3 part Super Rare slow spoil.

Congrats to all of those of you who guessed MOST POWAHFUL GIANT TOOOOAAAADDDDD!

So now the question is, what does he do? Seriously, I still don't know. I get this card in pieces, just like all of you. <.<;;

Thanks to Tylar for providing us with the preview.

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Blogger Ross134 said...
Very nice. Glad to have him back. Hope his effect doesn't suck :/

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Less Gamabunta's, more Katsuya's pl0x.

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